Bra Myths You Should Know

Unlock the secrets to ultimate comfort and support as we debunk the most common bra myths. From busting misconceptions about bra sizing to revealing the truths behind everyday bra rituals, we've got the facts to elevate your bra game. 

Say goodbye to uncomfortable myths and hello to a world of best fits and confident style. Get ready to discover bra facts and bra styles that will allow you to wear confidence all day, every day.

Myth: Your Bras Size Never Changes

Fact: Your body is ever-evolving, and changes happen over time due to factors such as pregnancy and aging. These changes can affect your bra size, so it is recommended to measure yourself and update your bra size to prevent any discomfort due to incorrect sizing. Discover how to get your right bra size here.

Myth: Large Breast Size Causes Back and Shoulder Pains

Fact: Having large breasts doesn't automatically cause back and shoulder pains for everyone. Unsupported breasts from ill-fitting bras cause strain or discomfort in these areas. You need supportive bras that offer natural lift and dig-free comfort while preventing spillage. Shop our recommended bras that guarantee maximum comfort with the right amount of support, and check the bra fit guide for the right fit for your breast shape.

Myth: Tight Straps Equal More Lift

Fact: The band should be doing the majority of the lifting work, as tightening the bra straps excessively can cause shoulder and neck pain. Choose well-constructed bras that offer a natural and comfortable lift without painful straps digging into your skin. We recommend these bras that come with adjustable straps and wide underbands for uplifted comfort.

Myth: Wire-Free Bras Are Unsupportive

Fact: Many women are under the impression that you need wired or push-up bras to get the support they need. With modern designs and high-quality materials, wire-free bras can provide ample support, making them a comfortable choice for many without sacrificing support. Experience casual support blended with an all-day stay-put fit from the #1 Truekind® Daily Comfort Wireless Shaper Bra.

Myth: Strapless Bras Need Constant Adjustments

Fact: Well-designed strapless bras with the right support and size can provide comfort and stay in place without the need for frequent pulling, tugging, and tweaking. Choosing the correct size and fit can significantly affect the comfort and stability of a strapless bra. Have a worry-free experience with the Truekind®️ Convertible Strapless Bandeau Bra that features a stay-put silicone grip and soft side boning.

Myth: Sports Bras Are Only for High-Impact Activities

Fact: Sports bras provide support during any physical activity, not just high-impact exercises. Wearing a sports bra during everyday activities can reduce breast discomfort and promote better posture. Shop the Truekind® Seamless Racerback Sports Bra and style it as outerwear, or go for an athleisure look, just like our Brand Ambassadors @lanaato and @samara.curtiss. 


Myth: Bras Are Considered Innerwear and Should Not Be Visible.

Fact: Modern fashion celebrates the versatility of bras. Today, colorful and stylish bras are designed to be seen, and they can even double as fashionable tops. Embrace the trend of showcasing your unique style by incorporating vibrant bras into your outfit, challenging the outdated notion that bras should always be kept out of sight. Be inspired to style your bras by our Brand Ambassadors @curlsbysid   and @_.shadyjay who are wearing our best-selling styles.


Myth: It Is Hard To Find Plus-Size Bras

Fact: Finding plus-size bras is not difficult. Our bras are designed with inclusivity in mind, offering sizes up to 4XL to ensure a comfortable fit for every chest shape and size. Check out The Ultimate Plus-Size Bras Shopping Guide where we feature a variety of plus-size bras, providing information and options that debunk the misconception about limited choices for larger sizes.

Myth: You Need Various Types For Different Types Of Dresses

Fact: The reality is that a versatile convertible bra can be your go-to solution. The Truekind® Supportive Comfort Wireless Shaping Bra offers several styling options, ensuring the perfect fit for various dress types, even the more complex ones. Save money and simplify your wardrobe with a single, adaptable bra that suits your style needs effortlessly.

Myth: Bras Should Be Washed After Every Wear

Fact: Washing bras too frequently can weaken the fabric and elasticity. Unless visibly soiled, bras can be worn a few times, at least two to three wears before washing. You can also rotate between multiple bras to extend their lifespan. Learn the tips and tricks on How to Wash Your Bras by Hand or Machine to keep them at their optimal state. 

Myth: Washing Bras Causes Damage

Fact: Proper care involves handwashing or using a gentle cycle in a recommended wash bag. Avoiding machine drying and excessive wringing helps maintain the elasticity and shape of your bras. Learn How to Wash Your Bras by Hand or Machine with this step-by-step guide, plus tips on how to store your bras properly to prolong their lifespan.

Myth: Bras Should Always Fasten on the Last Hook

Fact: Bras have multiple hooks to accommodate changes in your body or bra elasticity over time. Using the last hook is actually a sign that you need to replace it because it already lost its elasticity. Start with the loosest hook when your bra is new, and gradually use the tighter hooks as needed. Discover the function of each bra hook in this blog Bra 101: How to Hook Your Bra.

In conclusion, debunking common bra myths empowers us to make informed choices about our underwear. From understanding the importance of great bra fittings to unlocking misconceptions about wire-free support, we've explored the truth behind these myths. 

Remember, comfort is key, and finding the right bra, whether it's a versatile convertible option or a classic style, can significantly impact your daily well-being. Let's break free from the myths, celebrate our shape, and embrace the confidence that comes from wearing a bra that fits and supports us just the way we are. Do you have other bra myths that we should know about? Leave a comment below, or connect with us on social @Shapermint

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