How to Hook Your Bra and How to Use Bra Extenders

How do you wear your bra? Most of us have encountered an ill-fitting bra even if it’s our bra size, and oftentimes, we try to size up just to feel comfortable.

We’ll share some tips and tricks on how you can achieve that perfect bra fit.

Bra Hooks 101

Bra hook from Shapermint

Did you know that each row on your bra hook has its function? Let us break it down.

1. Loosest Hook

Start here, this should fit you perfectly. When shopping for a bra, it’s recommended that you wear it on the loosest hook. To know that it’s the perfect fit, slip two fingers underneath the band and make sure it feels snug.

2. Middle Hook

For a more snug fit after a few washes. You may feel a bit of difference when it comes to fit when you often wear your bra, and when you do, it’s totally fine to use the middle hook.

We have quick and easy steps on How to Wash Your Bras to extend their lifespan.

3. Tightest Hook

If your band is loose on this hook, it’s time for a new bra! We know it’s quite hard to say goodbye to your favorite bra. But to get the optimum support, you should replace it with a perfectly fitting one.

Check out different bra styles HERE.

Bra Extenders

How do they work?

Bra hook extenders are quick fixes to get the right fit. As our body goes through some changes, like pregnancy or weight gain, these convenient accessories are our go-to.

Bra hooks extenders

How to use bra hook extenders:

1. Attach the extender to your bra hook.
2. Hook the extender to the row that gives you the perfect fit.

Now that we’ve learned the tips and tricks of getting the perfect fit, it’s time to say goodbye to irritation and discomfort!

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