A Quick Guide To Choosing The Best Shapewear for Your Body Type

In the past, #shapewear has had somewhat of a stigma or bad rap associated with it. Either because it’s uncomfortable, too tight, or squeezes you in the wrong places.

What if we told you that the discomfort you’ve experienced is because the piece of shapewear you’ve chosen is either the wrong size (easy to fix) or the wrong piece for your body type (also an easy fix)?

Just like no two bodies are alike, not every piece of shapewear is intended for every shape. This guide will help you discover the perfect match the next time you’re looking for the best shapewear to help you feel your absolute best.

1) What Outcome Do You Want?

First things first... what level of compression do you want? Compression helps sculpt and smooth different areas of your body.

LOW COMPRESSION (SMOOTHING) - Do you have some areas you want to smooth out so you can wear clothes more comfortably? Light control, everyday shapewear pieces will gently smooth out your hips or tummy area, making you feel comfortable in all your favorite clothes.

MEDIUM COMPRESSION (SHAPE-ENHANCING) - Are you looking to enhance your curves? Medium control shapewear is made with breathable, stretchy fabrics that move with your body while adding subtle contours to your shape. You should get hours of comfort from medium control pieces.

HIGH COMPRESSION (SCULTPING) - Have a special occasion where you want to look breathtaking (while still being able to breathe)? High-compression pieces are perfect for formal, structured clothing like wedding dresses, prom gowns, evening gowns, and cocktail dresses. You should feel toned and supported without feeling constricted.

No matter how firm the control of your shapewear is, you should never feel like it’s uncomfortable or squeezing you. If your breathing or movement is restricted, try sizing up by one or two sizes.

2) What Area Do You Want to Boost?

Shapewear is like real estate: it’s all about location, location, location. Which areas of your body would you like more support or help toning under your clothes?

FULL BODY - Some of us would like support in more than one spot. If you want an all-over sleeker physique, try a full-body piece like a bodysuit. Just make sure the piece has an easily accessible opening for bathroom breaks!

TORSO - Say goodbye to uncomfortable tops. A shaping cami might be what you need to smooth and shape your midsection.

BOTTOM - Want to give your bottom a boost? From smoothing panties to butt-lifting bike shorts, you have all kinds of options to help you lift and shape your thighs, legs, and buns.

Shapewear for Your Body Type

3) What is the Best Shapewear for My Body?

The right shape for you will depend on your body type. Whether yours is apple, rectangle, hourglass, pear, or strawberry, we have the right type of shapewear recommendation for you.

Find out more about each type below:


If you have an ample bust and a full midsection with narrow shoulders and hips, you’ve got an apple body shape. That means you tend to carry extra weight in your belly. If your tummy makes it hard for you to find clothes that fit right, or if it’s just keeping you from feeling fabulous, here are some shapewear options to give your waistline definition.


Are you small-busted with a straight torso, slim hips, and long legs? Welcome to the rectangle zone. If you’re looking for a curvier look, try some of these products for an extra boost.


If your hips and shoulders are the same widths and your waist is naturally contoured, you’ve got an hourglass build. Try these products if you’re looking for some extra shaping power.


If you have a small bust, slim shoulders, a well-defined waist, full hips n’ thighs, and a round bottom, you have a pear body type. Here are some pieces that are perfectly paired with a body shaped like a pear.


You’re a strawberry girl if you have wide shoulders, a large bust, narrow hips, and a small backside. If you want to balance out your top, try these shape-enhancing essentials.

The Right Shapewear for YOU

No matter what your body type, you can find the right styles and looks to flatter your shape. Wearing shapewear isn’t about transforming your body into something it can’t be––it’s about celebrating your body and natural curves.

The right shapewear can help you look and feel your best in all of your favorite clothes, so you can go about doing all of the things you love.

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