How To Find Your Bra Size

Have you ever felt discouraged while looking at #bra size charts? Do you feel like you are not the right cup size number? That's a normal feeling when finding your bra size. The quest for finding your bra size can be a simple, yet difficult undertaking. The only way to know for sure what your bra size is is by getting professionally fitted. This means visiting one of the few brick-and-mortar bra shops that actually provide this service. If you're uncomfortable going in person to try on bras, or don't want to deal with - or can't travel to - a physical store, then we’ll show you how to get your right size in the comfort of your home.

It’s time to finally say goodbye to back and shoulder pains and uneven shape due to ill-fitting bras. Read on to learn how to find the right bra size for you.

How to measure bra size

Know your measurements using our Bra Size Calculator

Bra Size Calculator step 1 Step 1: You’ll need a tape measure, a piece of string, a scarf, or even just an article of clothing that is long enough to wrap around your chest.
Bra Size Calculator step 2 Step 2: Use a ruler, smartphone app, or other measuring devices on that item later.
Bra Size Calculator step 3 Step 3: Take two measurements. One around your rib cage for your band size and the second measurement around your bust is going to determine your cup size.
Bra Size Calculator step 4 Step 4: Your cup size is the difference between your band and bust measurements. Subtract your band size from your bust size, then use the bra size chart below to find your cup size.


Step 5: Find your ideal size in the chart.

Bra Size Chart

Bra Size Conversion

Bra sizes and measurements vary from country to country. For instance, US and UK bra band sizes are equivalent, but cup sizes vary. When you start to get into EU, Australian, French, and Czechian sizes, things start to get confusing.

For example, a size 36DDD in the US is a size 36E in the UK and a size 80E in the EU. Rather than trying to re-take your measurements for each country, it’s best to use a bra size calculator to determine which size you should buy depending on which country you’re sourcing your bras from.

The Best Bras for All Functions

Each style of bra plays a very specific function. Here’s a short guide on how to choose the best bra options for any function.

  • Front-close Bras

Best worn under tight tops dresses with a deep neckline.

  • Minimizer Bras

They can reduce the bust line up to an inch or two and eliminate lumps under any tops.

  • Sports Bras
  • Your supportive BFF in light, medium to high physical activities. They prevent the jiggle and extra bounce.

  • Wirefree Bras
  • Ideal for everyday wear. They have the right balance and support without the poking wires.

  • Side Support Bras
  • They support the sides of your breasts, to prevent them from spilling sideways.

  • Unlined Bras
  • With no extra padding, this sheer or lacy bra supports or gives you a natural shape.

    Since we’re talking about your bra’s functionality, it’s also a must to know how to hook your bra. We have a step-by-step guide on how to hook your bra.

    There you have it! Now, you can confidently shop for bras online, ensuring you’re getting the perfect fit. And of course, getting the right bra style to maximize their functionality. Check out our bra collection and refresh your wardrobe.

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