Shapermint Guide To Buying Shapewear

With more women embracing their curves, we’re happy to be part of their journey of self-love and body positivity. One of the keys to this fantastic, ongoing change in mindset is the newest technology in shaping undergarments or SupportiveWear which have helped empower all of us to celebrate our shape and wear confidence!

We know that ordering the right shapewear size online can be a little confusing, so on your first ever shapewear experience, we’re here to help you make it fun and easy.

Rethink Shapewear

Forget about using it solely for special occasions. Shapewear are everyday essentials you can count on for your shaping and support needs. As a first-time shapewear buyer, being familiar with the different styles and functions will help you in choosing the right one. You can start off with supportive outerwear or Core Essentials.

Research Helps

Make reading a habit. It pays to read all the 101 blogs before placing your first purchase. These guides will help you determine the best options for your needs.

Size Matters

The goal you should achieve when getting your first shapewear is to feel comfortable in it. The right size can make all the difference, so it’s important for you to check our sizing guide to know how to get your measurements accurately.

Our Fit Experts are also available 24/7 to help you with your sizing needs.

Know Your Shaping Goals

Need to smooth, lift, cinch, or just feel comfy? Whatever your priorities, it’s important to have a general idea of which outfits you’ll wear your shapewear with.

You may check the shapewear styles on our website that are categorized by their compression level such as low, medium, and high.

Read the reviews (and don’t forget to leave yours!)

Reading reviews from customers who have first-hand experience with the shapewear pieces you’re interested in is a great way to get real-world feedback.

Share your own experiences so that more shapewear rookies can shop with confidence. Please know, we read all your reviews and take the feedback seriously.

Your Starter Pack

Go treat yourself to SupportiveWear designed for every body and celebrate your shape!

Share this guide with your first-timer friends, and don’t forget to refer them to Shapermint so both of you can enjoy $25 each.