Shapermint change the shapewear shopping game

Choosing the right shapewear can boost your confidence and be a game-changer for your wardrobe by elevating your everyday outfits. But with so many options available, how do you know which one is right for you? Here are six essential things to consider when getting shapewear.

1. Know Your Needs

First and foremost, identify what you want your shapewear to do. Are you looking for tummy control, thigh smoothing, or full-body shaping? Perhaps you want to add super flattering and versatile styles to your wardrobe. Understanding your needs will help narrow down your options. For versatile shaping essentials, check out our Best-Selling Shapewear Collection.

2. Choose the Right Size 

Wearing the correct size is crucial for both comfort and effectiveness. And this applies to all kinds of shapewear: from bras to shorts and bodysuits. Too small, and it can be uncomfortable; too large, and it won’t provide the desired shaping. Be sure to consult our Shapewear Sizing Guide to find your perfect fit. If you're looking for plus-size options, explore our Plus Size Shapewear Collection.

3. Leg Length

When it comes to choosing the right size, leg length is an important factor too, and keep in mind that most shapewear shorts come in three different standardized lengths. Consider your reasons when choosing a certain length. Are you trying to prevent thigh chafing? Are you wearing it under a shorter or longer dress? Explore our variety of anti-chafing, versatile, and shape-enhancing bottom options!

4. Waist Length

The taller you are, the more high-waisted your shapewear should be. However, the opposite is also true: the more petite your body frame, the bigger the chances that high-waisted shapewear might be too long for you. 

If you’ve ever wondered what kind of styles suit your body best, identify your body type using our quick guide to choosing the best shapewear for your body type!

5. Select the Right Compression Level

Shapewear comes in different compression levels: light, medium, and high. Light compression is great for everyday wear, medium compression for more definition, and high compression for special occasions or a more dramatic effect. Maybe you’re more on the light side, or maybe your go-to shapewear is high compression! The good news is, there’s a variety of styles for you to choose from.

6. Roll Down Potential

One of the most common complaints about traditional shapewear is that it rolls down or rides up. To avoid this, choose styles with anti-slip silicone strips that stay in place, such as our Shapermint Essentials Everyday Empower Mesh Shaper Shorts!

For more tips, read our blog on How to Stop Your Shapewear from Rolling Down or Riding Up.

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By keeping these considerations in mind, you'll be well on your way to finding the perfect shapewear that enhances your confidence and complements your curves.

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Happy shaping!