Shapermint change the shapewear shopping game

From compression to fabric, this list will change the shapewear shopping game whether you’re a first-time shapewear user or not. Plus, we added the best styles that will level up your shapewear experience!

1. Compression and Support

The first on the list. Think about it, are you getting shapewear for everyday use? For a special occasion or just a quick pick-me-up for random days?

If you’re planning on wearing it for a longer period of time, comfortable shapewear with medium to medium-high compression would be an excellent choice.

More reasons to love: Soft, lightweight fabric. Smooths and shapes your midsection. Has a non-slip silicone strip for a stay-put fit.

More reasons to love: Butt-lifting. Double-ply fabric for firm control with a comfy touch. Instant tummy and back smoothing.

If you’re looking for curve-defining shapewear for a flawless finish on your red carpet affair, high-compression shapewear is your go-to. Keep in mind that these may take an extra effort to put on.

More reasons to love: Gusset with hook-and-eye closure. Wear with your own bra. Behind lifting technology.

More reasons to love: Secure with effortless 3 rows of hook and eyes. Durable and seamless. Boost the appearance of natural curves.

2. Size and Fit

If actually fitting into your clothes is important, imagine what a bad fit can do to your shapewear. Make sure you fully use all the size charts we have available - and don’t be afraid to ask us for help if you need an extra hand! We’ve found that if you feel you’re lacking compression, support, or if your shapewear’s waist keeps rolling down, it might really be a sizing issue.

Shapewear sizing issue

Make sure you’re measuring yourself correctly as well! You can find complete instructions on how to correctly measure your waist, hips, and bust in our quick guide on how to get your measurements for shapewear.

3. Fabric and Comfort

When are you going to wear your shapewear? Taking into account the season matters too. Are you planning to wear it on warmer days or summer months? Soft and lightweight fabrics are your best bet. And for colder seasons, you may go for thicker fabrics for layering up but still has room for more compression.

More reasons to love: 360° tummy-to-thigh smoothing and sculpting. Seamless look without panty lines. Ideal to wear under every outfit.

More reasons to love: Keeps your chest supported enough to wear with or without a bra. Smooths sides, back and midsection. Versatile to wear as a top or base layer.

4. Waist Length

Understanding your body type plays a big role in choosing shapewear. The taller you are, the more high-waisted your shapewear should be. However, the opposite is also true: the more petite your body frame, the bigger the chances that high-waisted shapewear might be too long for you.

More reasons to love: Sits at the natural waistline. Each leg is hemmed with lace. Booty lifting inserts and center back seam.

More reasons to love: Hip to waist smoothing. Light control.Effortless to put on and take off.

Easily identify your body type using our quick guide to choosing the best shapewear for your body type.

5. Leg Length

Leg length is an important factor too, and keep in mind that most shapewear shorts come in three different standardized lengths:

Consider your reasons when choosing a certain length. Are you trying to prevent thigh chafing? Are you wearing it under a shorter or longer dress?

6. Roll Down Potential

This is something no one would like to experience. Good thing we know how to Stop Your Shapewear Rolling Down (or Riding Up) Once and For All!

Shapewear Anti Roll Down

Keeping this short list of things you need to consider when getting shapewear handy will fail-proof your shapewear shopping experience.

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