How to Hide 4 Body Trouble Spots

If you love fashion and stare adoringly at individual styles but think, “I haven’t got the body for that.” Think again!

You don’t need to hide behind baggy clothes or wear that oversized t-shirt day-in-day-out. Your closet CAN become your best friend with simple adjustments to what you wear underneath.

Whether you have an hourglass figure or are more of an apple or a pear shape, the trick is to understand your body type and your common troublesome spots. Then find the right shapewear to turn your struggle into a strength, for unbeatable all-day confidence AND enviable style.


Can you wear a tight-fitting or bodycon dress without the lumps and bumps? Absolutely! In our “Reclaim Your Curves Challenge”, fashion stylist Melissa Chatagne takes costume designer Julieta from big and blousy to sleek and smooth in a snap! She used a high-waisted shaping panty from popular shapewear brand Shapermint Essentials for a total tummy makeover. If you desire an hour-glass figure, pick high-waisted shapers in panties or shorts that sit just below the bra line for comfort and best results.

Back bulge

Back bulge can be a real pain in the...back! Sometimes, even if you do have a properly fitted bra, you can see rolls underneath the bra line. Wave goodbye to back fat in a smooth and supportive cami or tank top, the go-to style of choice for shapewear lovers. Another great option if you want to wear your own bra with a blouse, or dress, is Shapermint Essentials Open Bust Shaper Cami. Women report it gives your boobs a little “push up” as well as being comfortably shaping.


Ill-fitting bras can cause your boobs to spill out of the side, and over the top of your bra cups. If this is you, first of all, check you have the right size. You may need to go up one or even two sizes and get more generous coverage to prevent overspill. Also, avoid unflattering bras that squish your full bosom, by choosing bras with molded cups that offer more support and push your boobs towards the center. A soft, supportive, and seamless bra to try is Truekind® Daily Comfort Wireless Shaper Bra loved by thousands of women.


Want a body like Venus De Milo? The REAL Venus. For when you feel like a hunk of unmolded clay with thighs clinging to each other, your clothes. Overcome chub rub, and get instantly slim legs with the No.1 shapewear style loved by women in America, Shapermint Essentials All Day Every Day High-Waisted Shaper Shorts. Guaranteed to enhance what Zeus gave you.

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