How to Choose The Right Compression Level Of Shapewear

One of the common questions we get about #shapewear is, “what is the best shapewear style for me?” Before we answer, let us ask: What are your shaping goals? Choosing the best shapewear relies on the results want to achieve. Do you want your body to be smoothed out? Do you want your shape to be enhanced? Or do you want a sculpted figure?

To get the most of out your shapewear, choose the right compression level that matches your goal. What is a compression level? It’s the amount of control that your shapewear delivers, mainly for your body’s target areas. The higher the compression, the more snug fit you get.

Achieve your shaping goals and say goodbye to discomfort by finding out the best shapewear styles based on their compression level.

Compression Level Of Shapewear

Low Compression: Smoothing

Low-compression shapewear offers gentle support while leaving you with a smoother look under your outfits. You may choose this level of compression if you are a beginner because the shapewear under this category delivers maximum comfort for all-day wear.

Medium Compression: Shape-Enhancing

A shapewear with medium compression offers moderate shaping. They are more flexible and are often designed with shaping panels that target the body parts that you want to be enhanced. Though this type of shapewear is firmer, it is still comfortable to wear all day because it is made from lightweight and breathable fabric that is gentle on the skin.

Medium compression shapewear is best worn under dresses, jeans, and every day wear & workwear. This type of shapewear helps define your waist, smooths your midsection, back, and thighs, and even lifts your butt.

The best everyday foundation pieces.

High Compression: Serene Sculpting

High-compression or extra-firm shapewear offers maximum control so you’ll have a sculpted figure under your outfit. High-compression shapewear is perfect for special occasions like weddings and red-carpet events.

Most women are hesitant to try high-compression shapewear because of the fear of feeling “stuffed in” or even suffocated. Don’t be afraid because even though this type of shapewear is sturdier and extra firm, they are still breathable and comfortable to wear because they come in different sizes.

Shopping for shapewear is easier once you have determined your shaping goals. With the wide variety of shapewear styles and different compression levels, now you can achieve the result that you want without sacrificing the most important thing —comfort.

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