Stop Your Shapewear From Rolling Down

Struggling with shapewear that just won't stay put? We get it – nothing kills confidence quicker than constant tugging and adjusting. We understand the frustration of dealing with shapewear that rolls down or rides up when you least expect it.

Shapewear is designed to support women to help them celebrate their shape and wear confidence in any outfit. If your shapewear is preventing you from being carefree because of the roll-down and ride-up, then read to discover how to make it stop.

Why does shapewear always roll down?

Shapewear rolls down or up when you’re not wearing the right size and shapewear style to fit your body type. That is why it’s not ideal to wear shapewear that’s too tight or too loose. 

Getting the perfect fit is crucial. You want your shapewear to hug you in all the right places without feeling restricted. That's why knowing your measurements is key. Our complete size guide is here to help you navigate the world of shapewear sizing, so you can say goodbye to the roll-down blues once and for all.

Stop Shapewear Rolling Down or Riding Up

How to stop rolling down or riding up?

1. Put on your shapewear correctly

Take your time when putting on your shapewear. Pull it up high enough and make sure to smooth it out to eliminate any folds or wrinkles before slipping into your clothes. This ensures a snug fit that stays in place all day.

Put on your shapewear correctly

Tip: Avoid applying lotion on areas where your shapewear sits since lotion can make your skin greasy.

2. Choose shapewear with a non-slip silicone strip

Look for shapewear designed with a non-slip silicone strip around the waistband. This innovative feature grips onto your skin, keeping the garment securely in place without any annoying rolling down.

Shapewear with a non-slip silicone strip

Here are the best shapewear styles with non-slip silicone strips:

3. Choose shapewear with straps

Opt for shapewear that comes with adjustable straps. These over-the-shoulder designs not only provide extra support but also help in smoothing out your tummy and waist. With the added benefit of straps, you can say goodbye to any worries about your shapewear slipping or rolling down.

Best shapewear styles with straps:

4. Wash your shapewear the right way

Remember, your shapewear is delicate! Treat it with care by washing it properly. Following the recommended washing instructions ensures that your shapewear maintains its effectiveness and lasts longer. By giving your shapewear the TLC it deserves, you'll continue to enjoy its shaping benefits for a long time to come.

Wash your shapewear the right way

Read the complete guide to how to wash your shapewear here.

Your shapewear success shouldn’t feel like a game of chance, wondering if it will stay in place or roll down when you least expect it. With the right knowledge and tips, you can confidently find shapewear that fits like a dream and supports you through every move.

So, why does shapewear always roll down? It all boils down to finding the perfect fit and choosing the right styles with features like non-slip silicone strips and adjustable straps.

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