Your Guide to Choosing the Best Shapewear for Exercise

Ever wondered if wearing shapewear while getting your sweat on is a good idea? We got you covered with some sweet insights, so let's dive in and discover the best #shapewear for working out.

Underneath it all

You need leggings that won't go see-through when you're busting out those squats and won't ride up where they shouldn't. And don't forget about the importance of good undies! 

When it comes to those high-waisted workout leggings or shorts, you want undergarments that give you the smoothest support and enhance those curves in all the right places.

Now, let's talk about bras. We all know it's crucial to let your breasts breathe while keeping them in check during your workouts. When you're flowing through a yoga sesh, a wireless bra that moves with your downward-facing dog is a game-changer. 

And for those intense, sweaty sessions like hiking or spin class, we've got a bra that stands out and keeps everything in place.

Get to the Bottoms of It

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the bike shorts look? It's the new go-to, especially for those indoor winter workouts. Check out these shorts that are perfect for anything from HIIT sessions to summer outfits with a rad boyfriend tee. These must-haves are 100% opaque and give you that full tummy-to-thigh control, so you can move with confidence.

When it's freezing outside and you're braving that run, finding the perfect leggings shouldn't be a hassle. Our go-to recommendation? The Shapermint Essentials High-Waisted Active Control Leggings. These leggings are so versatile, with pockets and weather-proof features. They're your ride-or-die leggings, whether you're working out or just doing your thing.

And let's not forget the ultimate comfort and style bundles:

Is it good to wear shapewear while exercising?

Shapewear designed specifically for exercise can offer compression, which boosts blood circulation and reduces muscle fatigue. Plus, it provides extra core support and helps you maintain proper posture during your workouts. 

Just make sure you pick shapewear that lets you move comfortably.

Should I wear shapewear while losing weight?

Shapewear can give you some temporary shaping and smoothing effects, making you feel more confident as you work towards your weight loss goals. But remember, it's not a permanent fix for shedding those pounds. It is still ideal to follow a balanced diet, perform regular exercises, and make lifestyle changes. Shapewear can be a supportive addition to your weight loss journey, but it ain't the be-all and end-all. 

Shapewear for working out

So, what activewear pieces are you vibing with? Drop us a comment below or hit us up on social media @Shapermint.

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