5 Shapewear Style Tips For Petite To Curvy Women

The world of #shapewear can be intimidating. There's no way to know where to start with so many different styles, fabrics, and cuts. When it comes to shapewear, it can take a lot of work to know where to start. Should you choose a control brief, a shaper panty, or perhaps a bodysuit? And what about the different fabrics? It all depends on your body type and the occasion you wear it. The most important thing is that you feel good in what you're wearing – and that comes from knowing your shape and how shapewear can help.

Shapewear is a real confidence booster when it comes to our wardrobe. From creating a smooth silhouette under that favorite dress to smoothing out your figure, shapewear is the total confidence booster for women of all shapes and sizes.

Shapewear Style Tips

Here are the 5 shapewear style tips for your body.

1. Get the Right Shapewear Size

One common mistake why women don’t get the most out of their shapewear is because of the sizing. Either it’s too big, or too small—resulting in an unflattering fit to your target areas. Each shapewear has its own sizing guide, so it’s a must to get your measurement and check the individual size chart. Check our complete guide to getting your measurements for shapewear here.

Right Shapewear Size

2. Identify Your Shaping Goals

Knowing your shaping goals when shopping for shapewear is key to maximizing its functionality. Do you want to smooth out your midsection? Do you want to enhance your waist? Do you want to sculpt your silhouette? The answer would depend on your needs.

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3. Know Your Target Areas

Identifying your target greatly helps in buying the right shapewear. In our store, you’ll find different styles that target each area in your body. Here are the recommended styles for your target areas.

For your chest:

For your midsection:

For your hips and butt:

4. Pick The Right Shapewear Style

Choosing the right shapewear style can be overwhelming, but knowing which outcome you want and the occasion when you’re going to wear it can help you narrow down your options. Here’s our quick guide to choosing the right shapewear style.

Shapewear Style for Curvy Women

5. Go Back To Basics

Having enough essentials that go with your everyday wardrobe is the first step to your shapewear journey. When in doubt, read the reviews of our customers on our website, or follow our Instagram page to see how our styles fit on them and chat with our Fit Experts to help you with your concerns.

Shapewear reviews

Don't let your hesitations keep you from wearing the shapewear of your dreams. With the right combination of styles and knowledge, you can enhance your curves and wear confidence every day.

Which shapewear will you try on first? Connect with us on social @Shapermint and show us how you style it!

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