The Truth About Female Friendships

This post is part of Shapermint’s #ThisIsMyTruth campaign, launched to spark up an honest-to-heart conversation about our own bodies, through the personal stories of four extraordinary women.

Our friends are our support system - so why do so many of us have a hard time making friends with other women?

Throughout our lives, we’re forced to compare ourselves to other women and to compete for approval, attention, and praise. We judge each other and ourselves, often a bit too harshly. Can you imagine what could happen if we set aside our judgement and stand by each other as sisters in our struggles?

Morgan Andersen


#ThisIsMyTruth - here I am on social media, sharing my face without a stitch of makeup on. I never would have thought I’d become this brave, but here I am.
Ever since junior high one of my biggest insecurities was my skin... it all started with a cluster of pimples on my chin which then traveled to other spots. I thought the little pimples were the extent of my struggles, until I hit sophomore year of high school. That’s the year my skin FREAKED OUT. I began to develop cystic acne all over my cheeks up to my temples. I still have the faint scars along my cheeks to remind me of the endless amount of time I stared at my face willing them to go away & slathering on the heaviest coverage I could find. “Just a phase” my mom would say. It wasn’t. It took a long time & the perfect mix of products to make a difference.
I remember going to friends houses to spend the night, & avoiding washing my face so they wouldn’t be able to see what the makeup was hiding underneath. I thought I was hideous.
One night, at a huge slumber party with a group of girls, we all decided to do face masks. My skin wasn’t perfectly clear, but it was better... My thoughts towards it weren’t though. That night, my best friend (the beautiful @maddieperry123 ) turned to me as I had no makeup, kind of pink from rubbing the mask off & said “Morgan, you’re beautiful.” I was shocked. It was the first time it felt genuine & not pressured. She meant it even with my bare face.
Here I am now, still insecure without makeup even though my skin is WAY better than it was, trying to show how important it is to love yourself. Even the parts you’re still learning to love - those parts deserve recognition and appreciation just as they are 💛
What’s your truth? Share your self-love story with the hashtag #ThisIsMyTruth."

True friendships are about support and understanding, without judgement. When we open ourselves up and reach out to our female friends, we unleash the power of sisterhood and find the strength to face the world - together.

The truth is, we need to surround ourselves with women that build us up. And then, never let go.



#ThisIsMyTruth: I’ve struggled with body image & self confidence since my Freshman year of college. I had been an athlete all my life & because of it, I could eat whatever I wanted & not see any side effects. When I entered college my poor eating & exercise habits catapulted my body into something I didn’t recognize. My hips continued to grow wider & wider, I developed cellulite on my legs, and I lost that coveted “thigh gap.” One moment that is burned in my mind was when a random guy stuck his head out his window & shouted to me, “you’re too fat for those shorts!” My jaw would’ve hit the floor if it was able. For my entire life I had been the tall, skinny one & being seen as “big” was something foreign & terrifying to me.
Fast forward to one year ago, I was the largest I had ever been. I had just become engaged to the love of my life (who says he loves my curvy hips - God bless him 🙌🏻) & I knew I wanted to make a change before our wedding. I finally had the motivation to cut the bad foods & start working out somewhat regularly. Let me tell you - I saw a change fast! I was so proud of myself. And you know what else? That pride in what I had already accomplished far surpassed my feelings of doubt & self loathing.
I created this page last May & I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous at first. Nervous about friends or family judging me, talking about me behind my back, or not being supportive. I was nervous to put myself out there after seeing so many bloggers I admire be torn to shreds for being too thin or too curvy.
BOY was I wrong. We have built such a strong, supportive community here that I’m incredibly proud of. I’ve finally come to realize that life is far too short to worry about the little dimples on my thighs or the size of my jeans.
I am still learning to love my body - I don’t claim to be 100% there yet, but I’m on my way. I hope my transparency here has helped you feel less alone on your own self love journey. If you feel brave & want to share your story, tag me & use #ThisIsMyTruth. Together we will support one another & become more confident, one Instagram post at a time ❤️

So take some time today to reach out to your female friends -your village, your own personal community- and thank them for everything they have done for you. Mothers, friends, daughters, teachers, aunts, coworkers, grandmothers, gym buddies… they’re all a tiny fraction of what makes you YOU, a huge percentage of all your awesome.

This is actually one of the main points in which all FOUR of our amazing #ThisIsMyTruth women agree. Watch what they have to say in the video below:

THIS IS OUR TRUTH. What’s yours?

Share your story of self-love and body confidence using #ThisIsMyTruth on social media - who knows, you might inspire us and see yourself in one of our posts ;-) It’s your turn to erase the shame away and inspire all women to let their inner light shine through!

Watch the #ThisIsMyTruth campaign video below:

Video Transcript

Growing up I was picked on so much, in school by girls and I didn't trust girls. This is probably the first time in my life I’ve had female friends to any extent.

This has been such an eye opening experience to have this circle of women that I can call any day and say "Hey let's meet for a drink" or "Let's meet for coffee", and they'll drop anything and just meet and never experienced that kind of love with women in my life, and for that I'm really really grateful.

My friends are important to me, there's three girls that we have known each other for the last 42 years and we have been like best friends ever since then we still talk to each other all the time and we can be just as silly as if we were 12, you know, we’ll talk and laugh about this that or the other or if something's going on in your life that you just feel like there isn't anybody else you can talk to we can always talk about it among ourselves.

It's good to go out and see your friends see people who make you feel good.

I rely on my women friends because they understand.

Always rely on your female friends.