The Seamless Solution To Eliminating Panty Lines

If you've struggled with panty lines, you know how embarrassing it can be. You're uncomfortable, (and let's admit it, awkward) while wearing leggings or dresses. You just want to walk around freely and not worry about why everyone's eyes are on your behind.

It's a challenge to find underwear that will eliminate these lines. We know, and we're here to share with you how to make your life easier with these #seamlesssolutions you’ll love without breaking the bank.

Shapermint Seamless panties

Say goodbye to panty lines with this seamless solution underwear:

Truekind® Seamless Stretch Mid-Waist Brief

→ Best to wear: Under casual or everyday outfits

This seamless brief makes dressing up every day easy and worry-free. It’s lightweight, it feels like butter, and the best thing, it has laser-cut, seamless edges for a smoother look and no VPL.

The Truekind® Seamless Stretch Mid-Waist Brief is ideal for 24/7 wear because it’s designed with a cotton gusset, and it stays in place and doesn’t bunch nor roll. It’s available in basic, neutral, and self-cared-inspired colors and is best paired with Truekind® Everyday Throw-on Wireless Bralette.

Truekind® Seamless Stretch Mid-Waist Thong

→ Best to wear: Under the tight-fitting dress, jeans, and leggings

Don’t you hate it when you’re wearing your favorite pair of jeans but you see panty lines? Or when you are working out but panty lines keep on waving hi whenever you squat or stretch? We know how awkward it feels so it’s time to stock up on a solution that comes in handy.

The Truekind® Seamless Stretch Mid-Waist Thong has a barely-there coverage made from ultra-stretchy and soft fabric that is designed to stay in place. It also has a cotton gusset which makes it ideal for all-day wear. Check out the top 5 reasons to start wearing thong underwear here.

Truekind® Seamless Stretch Mid-Waist Short

→ Best to wear: Under skirts and dresses

Feel confident and extra comfortable with your favorite skirts and dresses because these seamless shorts hugs don’t only hugs your curves, but it also prevents thigh-chaffing and doesn’t leave any panty lines. Total win-win!

The Truekind® Seamless Stretch Mid-Waist Short can also be worn for lounging at home or even for going out for some quick errands.

Seamless underwear is more than just a trend. It's a solution for those who want to be comfortable but hate the panty lines. Ultimately, they are game-changer that need to be in our wardrobe.

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