Different Types Of Women's Underwear

Have you ever wondered what's the best type of #underwear for you? We know many women who are unsure how to choose the perfect type of panties. If you are one of them, read on because we are to help you make smarter choices when shopping.

Selecting the right type of panties is not easy. The sheer amount of choice and numerous options available for each style of women’s underwear make this task seem almost impossible. This makes shopping for panties a daunting and confusing process.

We’ll show you the best panties available in our store so you can choose the perfect type of underwear that matches your needs.

Types Of Underwear

Women’s Underwear Styles

Women's underwear comes in many different types. Here’s a quick breakdown to help you choose the style and how to wear them.

1. Brief Underwear

It’s typically designed to be at-waist for full hip and butt coverage while providing smoothing support in your tummy area. From mid-waist to high-waist and from shaping to control brief, these styles surely deserve a spot in your underwear drawer.

Best paired with: Jeans, Dresses, and Everyday wear

2. Thong Underwear

Thong underwear delivers the right balance of barely-there coverage and breathability. It is often made with lighter and softer fabrics and is designed to provide a more natural shape because it doesn’t create cuts on the thigh area like regular underwear.

Best paired with: Workout clothes, formal dresses, or anything!

3. Boyshorts

Boyshorts is a type of women’s underwear that offers full hip and butt coverage. It has a cut that enhances the shapes and the appearance of the butt while preventing thigh chafing, and leaving no visible panty lines.

Best paired with: Short dresses, skirts, jeans

4. Shaping Panty

If you’re looking for full-coverage support that enhances your shape in your favorite outfits, these shaping panties are your perfect match. They are designed to comfortably smooth your midsection in seconds, leaving you with a seamless finish.

Best paired with: Any outfit!

5. Hipster Underwear

Hipster is a type of underwear that gives more coverage to hip to flatter the shape. From its name, hipster underwear has a perfect fit that sits on the hip, just a couple of inches below the waistline.

Best paired with: Any low-rise bottom

Find Your Underwear Match

Well, you've taken a good look at some of the most popular women's underwear styles. Whether you prefer full coverage or cheeky—or anything in-between—there's a style of underwear out there for everyone.

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