How To Shape A Morning Routine

Rise and shine!

How do you feel when you hear this phrase? Do you feel excited to get up or hit the snooze button? Mornings look different for everyone as our sleeping patterns may change due to several factors, which may cause discomfort or stress.

ICYMI, April is stress awareness month. So if you are challenged when it comes to establishing a morning routine, read on because we’ll help you shape a morning routine that would fit your sleep personality.

What’s your personality?

The Early Riser

You’re the type of person who saves money from buying an alarm clock simply because you don’t need it. In short, you are the early bird who catches the worm. According to studies, early risers or early birds tend to be happier because of Vitamin D from longer exposure to daylight.

Morning Routine

The Night Owl

Yes, we know you need an alarm clock (even if you hit snooze countless times) because you are most productive during nighttime, so you tend to sleep late and wake up late. We get it, it’s always a challenge to keep up with the early risers, so here’s a morning routine you can try so you can join the breakfast club.

The Night Owl’s Morning Routine

Tip: It’s better to avoid caffeine after 3 PM and no naps after 4 PM. As much as possible, try to go to bed 2-3 hours earlier than you usually do.

The Hummingbird

You’re stuck in between an early riser and a night owl. You are the most energetic and flexible among the three and this is because of switching schedules. Though it may sound like a good thing, you may experience fatigue due to changing sleeping patterns.

The Hummingbird’s Morning Routine

Establishing a morning routine may be as challenging as getting up in the morning, but the key here is to start small by using our guides and doing it consistently. Once you have established a routine that suits you, you can always add, tweak or get creative with it!

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