Halloween How to Celebrate Safely in 2020

Halloween looks different this year, but that’s no reason to be a sad pumpkin. Some traditions, like bobbing for apples, need to be skipped in 2020 in accordance with COVID-19 restrictions. Spooky, scary skeletons, and ghoulish ghosts have nothing on the 2019 novel coronavirus when it comes to being frightening.

However, everyone’s favorite creepy holiday is not canceled altogether. In fact, the global pandemic provides an opportunity to put a fun, new twist on the ways we celebrate. This year, embrace the new normal and bring on Halloween while keeping yourself, your loved ones, and your community safe.

Though big costume parties may be out of fashion this year, costumes themselves are not. Whether you dress up as Wonderwoman with the superhero-like high-waisted shaping panty or the Wicked Witch of the West sporting tear-proof shaping tights, you still want to look good — even if the Halloween party is virtual (yes, that’s totally a thing).

The right shapewear can help you feel your best under your costume. So we’ve collected some tips and tricks for celebrating Halloween safely in 2020 style. Read on to find out.

Alternatives to Trick-or-Treating in 2020

Halloween virtual

Depending on the extent of the pandemic where you live, trick-or-treating may not be allowed. If you decide to keep your lights on for trick-or-treaters, say no to letting kids stick their hands in a bowl and dig for candy themselves. Instead, you can make treat bags and hand them out individually with tongs.

To enable even more distance,create a trick-or-treat tree, where your treat bags hang from the branches so that you can practice physical distancing with the kiddos. You keep space, they get candy, and everyone is happy!

Another idea is to combine your Halloween and Easter traditions with a candy scavenger hunt on October 31st. Hide treats outdoors and include neighbors in the fun. Create a scavenger hunt inside your house with the members of your family, too.

There are so many options this Halloween and, of course, don’t forget the most fun part of trick-or-treating: wearing costumes! Whether you’ll be answer the door as a scary witch or staying inside as your favorite comic book character, our Truekind® Daily Comfort Wireless Shaper Bra is the perfect undergarment for every creative costume!

Incorporate Fabric Face Masks Into Your Costumes

Halloween Face Masks

Wearing a mask is as synonymous with Halloween as costumes themselves. This year, we also have the addition of COVID-19 prevention face masks to wear. However, the Centers For Disease Control (CDC) warns against wearing a fabric face mask under a plastic costume mask as it can be a breathing hazard.

Instead of two masks, incorporate your fabric, non-medical face mask into your costume. Get a jack-o-lantern grin, vampire snarl, skeleton stare, or cat nose and whiskers on your mask.

Then coordinate what you wear on your body with your mask. If it’s a sexy kitty look you’re going for, slip on our Curveez Second Skin Bodysuit first for sleek lines that will scream “meow.”

Have a Scary Movie Night With the People in Your Bubble

Halloween at home

You can’t go out to a big bash this year, but there are plenty of COVID friendly Halloween party ideas. Create a new tradition by staying home on Halloween. Dress up in costume, pop some corn, settle in with the people you live with and your favorite scary flick for a spooktacular evening.

Whether you’re planning Halloween for your kids, or you’re a kid-at-heart, Halloween can still be fun while promoting social distancing. No matter your plans, you’ll look smashing with a fun costume and the perfect shapewear to keep you feeling great all night long!

Happy Halloween!