Empetua To Shapermint Essentials: FAQs About Our Name Change

You may have noticed a recent change in our store. Our brand Empetua is now called Shapermint Essentials. You might have concerns about this recent change, so below you will find some frequently asked questions, with answers from the Shapermint Team.

  1. Why has the brand changed?

    Shapermint Essential is our DTC and Wholesale everyday essentials including bras, shapewear, leggings, and undies. Empetua branding transitioned to Shapermint Essentials to better reflect our branding and positioning. But rest assured, the products you know and love will continue to be designed, made, and will fit exactly the same way.

2. What exactly changed?

We only changed the brand name from Empetua to Shapermint Essentials the products remain the same. Rest assured that you’ll be getting the same fit, quality, pricing, colors, and sizes.

3. Is it the same product style I ordered in the past?

Yes, it is the same product style you ordered in the past. We’ve only changed the brand name.

4. Does it have the same fabric/material as Empetua?

Yes, it has the same fabric and material as in the Empetua brand.

5. I have an Empetua Scoop Neck Cami, can I exchange it for Shapermint Essentials Cami?

Yes. If you are still eligible for an exchange, we will process your request. Since we still have some remaining stock on Empetua, you could be receiving either Empetua or Shapermint Essentials brand but the product remains the same.

6. I ordered an Empetua and it's still not delivered, will I receive the Shapermint Essentials?

It depends on when you placed the order and the product. You could receive either Empetua or Shapermint Essentials packaging, but nothing to worry about as the product is the same.

New Shapermint Essentials

7. Since you've changed the brand name - where do the stocks come from?

Shapermint’s products are shipped from the US, with warehouses located on the East and West Coasts.

8. Will there be a price difference?

No. There will be no price difference for the same product.

9. What's the difference between the two products/brands?

Nothing, really. It’s just the product/brand name that is different.

10. Is it a US brand?

Yes. Shapermint is a US brand.

11. How about the sizing? Will it be the same as the old brand?

The sizing remains the same as the old brand.

12. Will there be a new set of colors?

The colors remain the same. We could potentially add more colors to the styles in the future.

13. Is there a built-in bra in this Shapermint Essentials Cami?

The Shapermint Essentials Cami has the same features. There’s no built-in bra, though it still provides comfortable breast support.

Shapermint Essentials Camis
14. I ordered an Empetua product before but I'm no longer seeing it on your website? Was it discontinued?

The Empetua products have not been discontinued, they’re the same styles, just under a new brand name Shapermint Essentials.

15. I purchased Empetua Leggings before and I want to purchase more. Where can I buy them?

You can buy them here on our website. It’s the same product, we just rebranded Empetua to Shapermint Essentials

16. Where are your Empetua Products?

The Empetua products were rebranded to Shapermint Essentials. You can find the exact products with brand the name Shapermint Essentials

17. What happened to your Empetua items? Are they out of stock?

They are still in stock but under the new brand name Shapermint Essentials.

18. I want to exchange my Empetua Cami, but I went through your online return website, and it's offering me a Shapermint Essential. Is it the same item?

Yes. The Empetua Cami is the same as the Shapermint Essentials Cami.

19. I can't find the Empetua Shorts that I purchased before. Where can I buy them?

You can buy them here on our website. It’s the same product, we just rebranded Empetua to Shapermint Essentials.

Shapermint Essentials brand

New name, same comfort. Rest assured that you will be getting the same high-quality support our products deliver.

Hopefully, this clears up a few questions that you might have had about the name change. If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out!