Thank you to our veterans from Shapermint

The whole country is uniting to honor our veterans. These brave souls have dedicated a portion of their life to serve their country and immense sacrifices for their families. A simple “thank you” can make each veteran feel seen. At Shapermint, we’re committed to spreading love, especially for our powerful ladies!

That’s why we’re here shining a spotlight.

Women Making a Difference

Women have been making a difference in the US military since before the 19th century. During the revolutionary war, women had to disguise themselves as men to serve.

The most famous case is Deborah Sampson, who was discovered to be a woman after she was wounded for the third time. Her acts of valor made a difference for Dr. Mary Walker, who didn’t have to disguise herself to serve. She became the first woman to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor for casualty care she provided to civil war soldiers.

If it weren’t for Deborah Sampson and other women like her, Dr. Mary Walker wouldn’t have served and written a legislation that created a permanent nurse corps. This made a difference to more than 33,000 Army and Navy nurses who saved countless lives during World War I.

Today, there are over 2 million female veterans serving in the United States and Puerto Rico.

We know female veterans are proud to hold that title! They're making a difference in more lives than we can imagine - and we say thank you.

If you know a veteran, show your gratitude and appreciation. They’ve gone through immense sacrifice, commitment and dedication to serve us and our country.

Our veterans have earned the respect, the recognition, and honor for their strength, tenacity, and resilience. Let’s celebrate them!

What Can You Do to Honor Veterans?

We strive to support our women, in all of their roles through life, and being a veteran is no different. Below are some ways to support our ladies, honoring them as the powerhouses they are.

1. Volunteer: Some female based organizations that accept volunteers include:

2. Use your skills: Think about a way you can honor a vet. Are you an attorney? Offer your services pro bono. Are you a great cook? Volunteer to whip up some dishes for people who served and could use a home cooked meal.

3. Donate: We can help our veterans by supporting charities and organizations that not only support them while they’re in active duty, but also help them transition smoothly back into a civilian life. In fact, this is the way we have chosen to support our female veterans and their families.

As a thank you, we’re donating a portion of our proceeds from November, 8th to November 12th to support our veterans.

There are many ways to honor them, it all starts with a feeling of gratitude and a simple, “Thank You”.

How will you honor our vets, especially our fearless ladies? Let us know on Facebook or Instagram.