Tips for Celebrating National Picnic Month

July is National Picnic Month, which sounds like as good an excuse as any to bust out the checkered blanket and enjoy a meal alfresco! Whether it’s a small gathering of just you and your family, or a larger group of (masked!) friends, planning a backyard picnic is an easy way to embrace summertime.

Here are a few of our favorite tips to get you started.

1. Lay the foundation

Creative Picnic

Get creative with what you use for picnic blankets! While a thick traditional picnic blanket (ideally with a waterproof lining) is always a great option, don’t be afraid to think outside the red and white checks. Grab any extra duvet covers or throw blankets you have and layer for a fun, cozy, bohemian twist.

2. Think beyond the basket

Think beyond the basket

No picnic is complete without a cute wicker basket. Ideally the one you find will also be functional - look for insulated options as well as those that come with silverware, plates and even a wine opener. But the real MVP (Most Valuable Picnic) item? Trays! Small breakfast trays are perfect for making sure your food and beverages remain sturdy.

3. Simplify the menu

Simplify the menu

Simple dishes like salads, pre-made sandwiches, chips, and cheese plates require minimal prep work and are easy to eat. Depending on how long your picnic party will go on, you might also want to have a few cooling tote bags or coolers handy to keep things at the right temperature.

4. Play while you picnic

Play while you picnic

Something about being outside on a beautiful summer day just brings you back to childhood, doesn’t it? Encourage your guests to get in touch with their playful side by providing decks of cards and lawn games.

Well, there you have it! Slap on the SPF and go spend an afternoon in your backyard with a good old fashioned picnic. Let us know your other favorite summertime activities!