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May can be a tough month for those of us who’ve lost our mothers. Media, friends, stores, gifts, ads… everything and everyone seems adamant of reminding us what we’re missing.

But take Seyi and Bunmi’s example. Their mom sadly passed away three years ago and, this year, the sisters sat down with us to honor and remember her everlasting presence in their lives - and the lessons she left behind, still creating their mark today.

Watch the video below, or scroll down to read the entire video transcript.

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Video Transcript

S: There was a time when I literally didn’t want to go to school because I just didn’t wanna be there and I remember my mom sitting me down (...) she said Seyi I’m not ugly and you came from me, so there is no way you could be ugly.

B: She was always there, she always knew exactly what to say. (...) She taught us to be really really grounded in who we are and to not let exterior like opinions and circumstances change that.

S: She was always telling me, stop doubting yourself, even though I didn’t get into that school I really wanted to get into, didn’t mean I wasn’t a good student, didn’t mean I wasn’t a good person.

B: She just loved people and she just loved encouraging people and she was a pastor so she was like a big mentor to us too, whenever we had any type of issue we didn’t have to go very far.

S: I honestly think she’s the main person that gave me the self esteem I currently have ‘cause I would go to her and she would literally be like, NO there is no way you could think that way about yourself like, look at you, and I’m like, yeah! Look at me, you’re right.

B: Us seeing her strength and seeing how she was unweavered by who she was really just taught us how to be the same.

S: She passed away 3 years ago, almost 3 years ago (...) I know she’s looking down saying everything I’ve taught you you’re now putting it to use.

S: Mom saw the best in me she saw the good in me so I think that’s the one lesson I would definitely say she bestowed in me.

B: The fact that we were both resilient and we’re still going, I think that that would make her proud.

S: Everytime I start to get down on myself (...) I have to think like, Seyi you are your mother’s daughter.

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