What is #BodyEquity?

Let's take today to celebrate and honor women from all around the world and #EmbraceEquity!

What is #BodyEquity?

What is #BodyEquity

Body equity is a must - let's prioritize respect and value for everyone, no matter their size, shape, race, gender identity, or ability. Let's make sure everyone is treated with the same level of respect and appreciation!

This means that people should be able to freely access public spaces without fear of judgment or discrimination. 

In order to properly embrace body equity, we must start by valuing and celebrating diverse body shapes and sizes, and by making sure that everyone is able to participate in activities and access resources that promote healthy living.

No more #Bullying or Negativity

We must also challenge the negative messages about body image that are perpetuated in the media and instead promote a culture of body positivity and acceptance. 

Additionally, we need to teach young people about the importance of self-esteem, self-love, and self-care, and to be mindful of the language they use to describe themselves and others. Finally, we must support policies that ensure all individuals have access to safe and welcoming public spaces regardless of their size, shape, race, gender identity, or ability.

No more #Bullying or Negativity

Let's create a world where everyone is equal, no matter their gender. A world free of prejudice and intolerance. A world where all people, ideas, and cultures are respected, celebrated and embraced. We can make this a reality if we come together and strive for women's equality. Let's work together to #EmbraceEquity.