We’re Thankful for Shapermint Gals!

We’re really feeling the Thanksgiving vibes here at Shapermint HQ. Why wouldn’t we? We have the privilege of being surrounded by a tribe of incredible women, inspired by the kindness, confidence, and strength of our community EVERY DAY. Maybe we don’t say it enough, or it’s long overdue, but: we’re super thankful for you.

We’re thankful for women of all shapes and sizes

Thank you for teaching us how to love the bodies we’re in while striving to be our best selves. This is hard! In a world where the media portray an idealistic image of the female figure, body positivity is a real challenge. But things are changing. With your help, more and more women are speaking up about their bodies, bumps ‘n’ all, with no shame at all. We’re all on a journey towards ultimate self-acceptance, wearing shapewear on those days when we need to bridge the gap with confidence, in our own time.

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We’re thankful for women supporting women

Our community really is the best! No matter the struggle, it’s truly humbling to watch women looking out for each other and creating a safe space for other women to open up and just be themselves. It’s what we’re all about, really. Women who understand other women and what they go through in everyday life; juggling priorities, managing a career, looking after the family, and trying to stay in shape.

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We’re thankful for being able to help

While each of us work on loving our bodies, shapewear is made to give us a little extra confidence for when we need it. And we love being there to help. We know good shapewear is sometimes the difference between having a crummy day and having a not-so-crummy day while feeling like a million bucks. And for some women who’ve gone through major weight loss, surgery or even disease, shapewear is much more than just a confidence booster to throw on every now and then. We’re humbled when we get to help these amazing women.

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We’re thankful for your words of encouragement

Our mission is to empower women the world over to embrace body positivity and wear shapewear loud and proud. By voicing what shapewear means to you, you’re helping to power the movement. Every time we hear that you loved our products or, even more important, that you didn’t - we learn more about what you need and grow from it. Thanks to women like you, our mission is supported and we are encouraged to keep going.

So this Thanksgiving, what we’re most grateful is YOU. Thanks for letting us be a part of your life.

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