The Perfect Size

This post is part of Shapermint’s #ThisIsMyTruth campaign, launched to spark up an honest-to-heart conversation about our own bodies, through the personal stories of four extraordinary women.

In a world obsessed with perfection, we play an unhealthy game with our clothing size: whoever has the lowest number wins. But what do we win, exactly? Are there trophies given out for dress sizes? When you reach a size zero, do you get a big check and fancy new car?

Most women feel pressured by society to be the “perfect size.” The truth is, there’s no such thing. Each body is different, and beauty comes in many forms.



#ThisIsMyTruth Recently, my 5 year old, Eden, asked me why my stomach is bigger than her Barbie’s stomach. Instead of feeling insecure or unworthy in that moment, I made it an opportunity to share my story. I showed her my incision scar on my stomach, and explained how I got it. I told her that after having her and her brother, my body changed. 😊And then I said four words to her that I wish I would have heard from a young age: “I love my body.”
We all have those parts of our body we struggle with. My stomach is still my biggest insecurity. It may always be. I am human. But can I encourage you mamas to never criticize yourself or your body out loud in front of your kids? You think you’re only hurting yourself when you attack yourself, but they’re always listening. 👂🏻 And those negative words you say about yourself actually hurt them, too. I remember hearing the way my mom spoke about herself, and I felt heartbroken. She would never, ever criticize the way I look, but when she talked about herself like that, I found myself looking in the mirror and saying the exact same things about myself. 💔
The older kids become, the more challenging it will be to influence them. Don’t be afraid to share your body with your sons and daughters, and teach them that every body is beautiful and perfect and whole. Your story is more powerful than you even realize, and it shows them there is beauty in imperfection. Loving and accepting our bodies will radically change their lives.
#ThisIsMyTruth - what’s your truth? Please share with me, and if you are feeling brave and empowered today, post a photo showing your insecurity with the hashtag! ❤️

As girls, we’re taught to be dissatisfied with our looks from a very early age. Our body insecurities come from people and media telling us we’re too fat, not tall enough or not petite enough.

But the “perfect size” changes constantly, depending on the year or culture we’re living in.

Here’s some truth: You are not your size

You can take the pressure off yourself by seeing size as just a number, not a measure of your beauty or your worth.



#ThisIsMyTruth Learning to love yourself is a journey that might look different every day. Some days self-love feels easy. Other days it requires extra effort to feel good about yourself.
For me self-love is choosing myself moment by moment. I pick myself a part. One day it’s my stomach, the next it’s my thighs or back. Instead of picking myself apart, I plan to affirm, “I choose my body” every time a negative thought comes into my head.
I challenge you to acknowledge one thing you love about yourself every time you look in the mirror! Share your #selflove journey using the hashtag #ThisIsMyTruth!
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Remember: you are not “a size XL.” You wear a size XL. See the difference?

The next time you try on a pair of jeans and they don’t fit, instead of thinking “I’m too big/too short/too tall to wear these,” reframe it: “these jeans are the wrong size for me.”



#ThisIsMyTruth - It’s easy to post your good angles but it’s not easy to be vulnerable and show the real you the other 99% of the time. In the past I would always dismiss posting photos where you could see my stomach rolls out of embarrassment.
I don’t have the perfect body, I never have and I never will. And now I’m finally learning to accept and be okay with that.
I am healthy and my body has never failed me for which I am grateful for. That’s the most important thing, not a number on the scale.
Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and no one should be made to feel like they are anything less than perfect the way they are.
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Why? Because it’s time to embrace ourselves as who we are, as we are.

And don’t take our word for it - here’s Bettye to lay some good ol’ truth on you ;-)

THIS IS OUR TRUTH. What’s yours?

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Video Transcript

I think that as women we just have to look at ourselves and what we are, who we are, what you look like, you can’t judge yourself by the next person because everyone of us is different and even though we look at our friend over here who looks like she’s on top of the world, she isn’t because we’re all experiencing very similar kinda things.

Women always look at somebody else because they’re always better, but they’re not.

We have to stop diminishing ourselves and realize we have a lot to offer as an individual.

Sometimes you need to just put on your big girl panties and move on.