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This post is part of Shapermint’s #ThisIsMyTruth campaign, launched to spark up an honest-to-heart conversation about our own bodies, through the personal stories of four extraordinary women.

Despite popular takes, menopause can’t just be summed up with hot flashes and no more periods. Like puberty, it’s a time of transformation from one biological stage to the next. There’s no moment where it officially begins, and for many women, it can take decades until they’ve reached the other side of it.

But unlike puberty, many women have no idea what to expect--beyond the hot flashes. We pretend like menopause doesn’t exist. No one’s talking about symptoms like vaginal dryness, brain fog, anxiety, heavy periods and insomnia. And while we often think of menopause as a time of physical transformation, we fail to recognize the wisdom and power women gain as we age.

Kerry Temple-Wood

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*It's snowing therefore we have moisture! *Had a lovely class with my husband this morning, yea yoga! *Just had a really fun sweet time with Cindy Pagano doing a video interview around my passion of menopause and the wisdom journey of the sacred woman. *Yin in class tonight... deep and luscious. So many things to be grateful for.

So instead of treating this transformative time of our lives like a dirty little secret, why not honor and celebrate it? The more we talk about menopause throughout our lives, the more prepared we’ll be for when we experience it ourselves – and the less alone and confused we’ll feel.

The truth is we not only need to talk about menopause, we also need to redefine it and reclaim its power.

The Truth About Menopause


I love this powerful image and Gloria Steinhem quote. I spoke to a beautiful group of GPs’ last night about why we need to talk about menopause and all the options available to women who are struggling with the transition. We need to redefine this stage of life and reclaim the power, wisdom and freedom that it brings. And for the women who are experiencing debilitating symptoms we have to stop their silent suffering and talk about it. There are many safe and effective treatments available and women deserve to have this information. See my blog on embracing menopause for more details - link in bio @petavirginia

Whether you’re going through menopause or haven’t started yet, reach out to the older women in your life. Listen to their stories. Ask them questions without fear or embarrassment. You’ll not only discover answers you never could have anticipated, you’ll be giving another woman a priceless gift: the gift of being heard and seen.

We’re lucky to have one of our #ShapermintGals, Marcia to give us the real deal on what it’s like to experience menopause – and how she’s learning to redefine herself because of it.

THIS IS OUR TRUTH. What’s yours?

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Watch the #ThisIsMyTruth campaign video below:

Video Transcript

All women go through it, it’s not like anything we can avoid but... talk about changes to your body that come without any kind of, you know, any kind of control on your part.

Everybody’s different, I mean, some people don’t even, they don’t even feel it, I mean, there are some women that are very lucky and don’t have you know the signs, their menstrual period sort of ceases but I mean, it’s not like 100% of the women will have some fatal menopausal symptoms, and some are very short and some are, some like 20 years.

It just completely, it’s different, you know, between the night sweats and the mood swings and the hot flashes and, I mean, not to mention, you know, vaginal dryness.

The hormonal imbalance, how your skin changes and the, you know, cellulite, I mean, there is so many complications that all of a sudden you’re like, wait a minute, I went through this whole life, and I had children and I was growing up and this pain and now, I’m dealt this card?

It's not brought on by culture or peers or anything, your body just changes and to deal with that was, is not exactly fun.

I tend to hang out with a lot younger people and they don’t have a clue what this is all about and so kinda on my own on that regard.

I’m just learning that... you know, of course you really need to try and figure this out.

Your gonna overcome this and you know, for all the women out there just let the body be what it is and just try to be happy.