The Season Of Giving: 5 Simple Ways To Help Others During The Holidays (And Beyond!)

Decking the halls, sipping eggnog, and swapping festive gifts are all fun parts of the holiday season, but there’s another layer to this time of year that is also worth embracing: the joy of giving back! Most of us want to contribute positively to our communities, but getting started can feel daunting, especially in the middle of arguably the weirdest. year. ever.

The good news is that not even a global pandemic can stand between you and your ability to leave a positive mark on the world! Because it turns out that giving back this holiday season (and every day) is way easier than you might think.

The secret to having a real impact? Don’t overcomplicate it! When most people think of the season of giving, or of philanthropy in general, money usually comes to mind. And while donating online to a worthy cause (or even setting up a small monthly donation if your budget allows) is definitely a quick, effective way to do some good, it’s only one of many ways.

On Giving Tuesday this year, we hosted a spirit-lifting Instagram Live all about how to live your most authentic life while giving back to those around you with our friends @gucciandglam, @taydontplay, @kirstenortez, and our philanthropic partner, Bottomless Closet (an amazing organization in NYC helping disadvantaged women enter the workforce with style and confidence).

From homemade salad dressing recipes to cat hammocks, to our love of Leatherette High Rise Leggings, the conversation was as fun as it was informative, and the ladies inspired us with tons of creative ideas for how to do your part during this season of giving. We’ve rounded up their suggestions, along with a few more, to help kick-start your own giving journey! Because what better time than now to start connecting with those who could benefit most from a little kindness?

1. Donate Your Time And Talent

Whether it’s marketing, accounting, tutoring, or graphic design, chances are there is a charitable cause out there that could benefit from a free service that you’re able to provide! Reach out to a few organizations you feel passionately about and let them know that you’d be willing to volunteer your expertise and time. You might be surprised at how enthusiastically they take you up on the offer!

2. Upgrade Your Bras (And Someone Else’s, Too!)

It’s been estimated that about 70% of women currently wear the wrong bra size. Yep, you read that right! Give yourself the gift of a better fit while doing some good. While most lingerie shops offer personalized bra measurements, you can also opt for a more socially-distant option by checking out a DIY fitting guide online to try at home. Armed with your updated measurements, treat yourself to some new bras, then coordinate a donation drop-off at a local Women’s shelter; they are always looking for everyday staples like bras.

3. Share With Shapermint

Speaking of’s the easiest option on this list for giving back to those in need. Simply share this link to your Facebook page, and we’ll automatically donate one cozy Truekind bra to Bottomless Closet, the awesome philanthropic partner we mentioned above! No strings (or wires…) attached. Just share on your page! That’s it! It takes all of 30 seconds and is a 100% free way to donate to women in need while raising awareness of a truly incredible organization.

4. Consider Your Community

While there are lots of worthy causes all around the world, chances are you don’t have to look far to find plenty of people who could benefit from your goodwill in your own backyard. Reaching out to those in your immediate community is a powerful way to connect and really see the impact of your efforts. Consider adopting a low-income family or child for the holidays; you’ll be purchasing the presents they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford and spreading a little joy along the way.

5. Don’t Forget Our Four-Legged Friends

Calling all animal-lovers: cats and dogs deserve a warm holiday season, too! Spread some cheer this season of giving by donating to a local animal shelter. Research local shelters or animal hospitals and see which items would be most useful to them. Common pet-friendly donations usually include things like blankets, towels, unopened food, toys, and pet beds.

The holiday season is a joyful time of year, but for so many, it can also be a reminder of the hardships they’re facing and the connections and comforts they’re living without. Whether you use the ideas above or think of your own unique way to give back, we know the incredibly kind and compassionate Shapermint community is capable of spreading so much good, and we can’t wait to see all the ways you shape a better world this year!