Raeann, Nazira & Terah

This video is part of Shapermint’s #WhatSheTaughtMe Mother’s Month campaign, tributing mother figures’ wisdom. How did your own mom shape the self-image you have today? Share with #WhatSheTaughtMe on social media - we’ll be donating $1 to HelpAMotherOut.org for every story shared during May.

Confident. Independent. Driven. Inspirational. The best moms in the world know how to instill these values in their daughters - and more.

Lifestyle blogger Raeann, size-inclusive icon Nazira and mummy blogger Terah sit down to share their moms’ greatest lessons, and what Terah hopes to pass on to her own (4!) daughters when they grow up.

Find out what each woman considers to be their mom’s greatest lesson in the video below (or scroll down to read all about it!).

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Because Not All Superheroes Wear Capes

Some wear heels. Others wear makeup. And some even wear shapewear. Join the conversation and honor the mother figures in our lives that made us who we are now. Share your story with #WhatSheTaughtMe on social media - we’ll be donating $1 to Help a Mother Out® for every story shared.

Watch the #WhatSheTaughtMe campaign video below:

Video Transcript

R: My mother was always very supportive, let us, you know, if we wanted to chop our hair in a certain way or wear something totally insane she was like ok you do you, you know, and gave us a lot of freedom.

T: I have 3 daughters and we’re expecting another daughter (...) what I really want to pass along to them it’s just to be confident in who they are (...) But I wanna be able to get to that point in seeing how you are very confident and it’s something you have brought into your adulthood, I love that, so I want my daughters to be able to be saying that exact same thing.

N: I look exactly like my mom and talk like her and personality, I’m like oh I’m my mom’s daughter and I love that though because I do I think she’s such an incredible mom and incredible woman.

T: My favorite thing about my mom has to be her drive and how everything she does she does it like 100% and she puts her whole self into it and I think that now being an adult I realize that I do carry that with me too.

R: Obviously they’re such a huge influence in our lives, but I would say I definitely, similar to you, admire how my mom did, you know, have that drive and would do so much for others.

N: I think the biggest lesson my mom has taught me is that beauty comes from within (...). She told me that all the time, because I did struggle with body image as a kid and even though she was supportive, the world was constantly just telling me that in order to be lovable or to be good enough I should look a certain way.

T: My mom was a military spouse and so my dad there would be times he’d be ,like, gone 6 to 8 months and my mom all alone with four kids (...) That was something that I really like, admire about my mom and especially appreciate it now that I have kids, looking back and seeing how hard that must’ve been.

R: I think the biggest lesson my mom has taught me is to go after what you want and not to live in fear of failing (...) I think I carried that into my adult life as a young woman and entrepreneur that you don’t just try it, don’t let the fear of failing hold you back.

N: When I think of my mom for me she’s just like such a resilient woman, you know, she immigrated to this country and started a family and created a life out of nothing (...) If I could go back and thank her for like everything that she did, my brother and I, she really wanted us to have the best life.

R: Thank you mom, oh my gosh, for teaching me how to give to others and how to serve others because I think it's such an amazing gift to be able to serve the people that you love.

R: I feel, like, so lucky that I came from such a loving household.

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