Summer Outfits for Your Shaper Shorts

We’re big on shunning “fashion rules” right here at Shapermint (hey, I can wear horizontal stripes if I want to, thankyouverymuch) but understand that confidence levels can vary from outfit to outfit.

We KNOW we look bomb with whatever we choose to wear - shapewear just makes us also FEEL bomb, no matter the outfit! And our #1 summer favorite, the Shapermint Essentials All Day Every Day High Waisted Shaper Shorts, does just that: opens up an entire new world of outfits we never in a million years thought we’d dare to sport, all from day one.

So what to do with all this new freedom and options? We created a guide featuring the top 5 summer outfits we found were confidence game-changers when first starting to wear shaper shorts. The results -and a nifty little video that summarizes all of this- can be found below 😉

Top 5 Summer Outfits for Your Shaper Shorts

Bonus Tip: create a checklist with these top 5 summer outfits and make sure you wear all of them before Christmas sale. Winner gets to feel awesome!

1. High-Waisted Pencil Skirts

A girl has many dreams: her wedding, her graduation, what her pajamas will feel like once she gets home and gets to binge-watch Netflix all night long… and what she will wear to the office once she starts kicking that corporate ladder’s butt.

And if you’re anything like some of us here at Shapermint HQ, office attire dreams usually come along with pencil skirt dreams.

But - have you EVER felt 100% confident wearing one of these babies? How do the power girls do it? How is it even possible to feel like Beyonce when there’s this fabric clinging to every single insecurity we have along our hips, waist and thighs?

Enter the Shapermint Essentials All Day Every Day High Waisted Shaper Shorts, our favorite pencil skirt accessory. High-waisted means a buffer that goes well up our midriff, even while sitting down. And medium compression means they smooth everything out without flattening your curves.

Summer outfit


Think of it as an extra layer of va-va-voom that will finally let you focus on how you deliver your big presentation - and NOT how you look while doing so. Magic!

2. Tight, Tight Tops!

Remember those tops you wear under sweaters in the fall? You know, those meant-to-be-worn-but-not-seen tanks and tshirts you love to layer up with (and then hate once the crazy oscillating temperatures make you break a sweat)?

Well, time to break them out of your closet extra early this year because girl, ain’t no more roll-check in these babies - starting TODAY!

Stomach rolls are a natural occurrence in nature (especially if you’ve popped out a baby or two) but what most people don’t know is that, at our age, it’s not even about eating healthily and working out. Skin WILL droop. And at least here at Shapermint, ain’t nobody got time for that.

We can thank the high-waisted feature in these Shaper Shorts from Shapermint Essentials once again for this one. It’s soft, breathable fabric will smooth things out in the stomach-area, with no unseeming straps or necklines peeking through.



The best part? We promise you will NOT feel like a sausage in these! These are as comfy as comfy can be.

3. Bodycon Dresses

Bodycon dresses are probably the number one reason shapewear is as popular as it is. And we understand! Feeling awesome strutting in one of these can be hard - even if you’re as smooth as can be.

But why use shaper shorts and not other types of shapewear under these little babies? Glad you asked! First off, think continuity: bodycon dresses show EVERYTHING and the more continuous the shapewear underneath, the less visible pantylines become.

Shaper shorts cover everything in the same way a slip would, without creating those weird crease lines or riding up every couple of steps. PLUS you get extra thigh coverage for maximum confidence, just in case you’ve got hang-ups that go all the way there.

And, unlike say a body shapers undergarments, you can actually go to the little girls’ room without having to get naked to do your business. Simply pull them down like regular underwear and then slide them right back up - you won’t even notice the difference!

Shannan Allen


Last but not least, here are three magical words for you: no chub rub. In your face, summer!

4. Your Favorite Pants

Whaaaat? Wearing pants is now supposed to be daunting? Oh, Shapermint, whatever do you mean? We know, we know - but we’re not referring to those ultra-used, lounging pants every single one of uses once the day is over. We’re daring you to wear those pants - yes, THOSE! You know which ones we’re talking about!

High-waisted, might be tight, bootylicious, probably white - every single girl has a pair of these in their closet that they’re saving for a “brave day”. Well, save no more! Shapermint Essentials All Day Every Day High Waisted Shaper Shorts are here to slay 😉

Again, it’s not just about smoothing everything down so you can focus on what really matters (spoiler: muffin tops are not it!). A good pair of shaper shorts is meant to give you that just-enough sense of compression while STILL showing off your curves, from knee to waist!

The oooonly thing that could go wrong here is visible thigh lines, but this will pretty much depend on your body type. The good news here is that we’ve still got your back - just opt for the Shapermint Essentials All Day Every Day High-Waisted Shaper Panty instead and you’re all set.

A Styled Ego


It’s time to finally take those pants out for a spin - and remember to share how AWESOME you look by tagging us on Instagram when you do!

5. Crop Top Ensembles

Hands up if the entire crop top fad seems to be something just-for-the-young that you wouldn’t even try in a million zillion eleventy-billion years. Well, no challenge is complete without achieving the impossible and this, my friends, is where the stakes get interesting.

Crop tops can be worn by ANYONE. Yes, even you. But there is a secret to actually feeling comfortable in one, so here it goes: just make sure what you’re wearing underneath is high-waisted enough to cover things up.

Think of it as a wearable tankini - the higher you go with the low part of the ensemble, the more comfortable you’ll feel with a shorter crop. You can try it at home!

Shaper shorts are ideal for these kinds of outfits since their high waist really cover up your entire midsection - but with the right outfit, you can look like you’re cropping like there’s no tomorrow, no skin actually showin’!

Just one quick favor - if you reach the end of our summer challenge checklist, make sure you upload your outfit to instagram and tag us. You’d be the first #ShapermitGal to show us this little trick in action 😉. Happy outfitting!

Need more summer outfit inspiration? We’ve got you covered on summer fashion trends here and on more summer shapewear here.

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