Summer Fashion Trends of 2018

Is it just us or is it harder to feel on-trend as the years go by? Don’t know if it’s the whirlwind of modern life or simply growing up that’s getting in the way, but looking forward to a new wardrobe season just ain’t what it used to be. Boy -we wonder during these hard times for the fashionistas of yesteryear- wouldn’t it be SUPER to have a HANDY, SUMMARIZED guide for, say, these summer fashion trends?

Well, you’re in luck! ;-)

All jokes aside, we rummaged through at least 30 different sources to bring to you THE top 10 summer fashion trends for 2018. Plus, we also threw in some shapewear recommendations here and there to justify looking at fashion magazines on the job. So without further ado…

The Easy-to-Grasp Top 10 Summer Fashion Trend Guide for 2018

1. Pastels - 2018’s Ode to Colors of the Wind

Shapermint 👏🏻is 👏🏻on 👏🏻trend, ladies and gentlemen! Imagine our surprise when we saw our own colors strutting down the world’s main fashion runways here and there. But don’t stick to just coral and mint - most sources we checked say lavender, light indigo and light denim are THE main stars here. Go stock up!

Summer Clothes

[© Photos by ModCloth, HM, Old Navy. ]

2. Floral Prints - Summer Trends, Summer Clichés

Last summer was all about big, jaunty flowers on bold backgrounds. This year, tone it down and go for those delicate, spring-like, flower prints of yore. The more it looks like it belongs on a doll, the better! This is the perfect excuse to bring back that flowy, summer dress that’s hiding in the back of your closet! (And grab one of these shaper shorts to wear underneath - just in case you need an extra nudge of confidence.)

Summer Style

[© Photos by ModCloth, HM ]

3. Polka Dots - Retro Summer Trends are Back!

Nothing screams retro and polished like good ol’ polka dots. But don’t let those tiny circles of deception fool you - monochrome polka dots is where it’s at. Try going the safe black-and-white way if you want to be on trend. Or, you know, wear whatever you like, call yourself a trend-setter and make it a day ;-) Your call!

polka dots

[© Photos by ModCloth, HM]

4. Gen Z Yellow - Or Just a Fancy Way of Saying Bright Yellow

Baby boomers, Gen Xers, Millennials, Gen Zs… we’re all just people underneath. And people like calling colors by their real names! To wear this 2018 Summer Fashion Trend simply put on something this color and start referring to it as “Gen Z Yellow” instead of “Canary Yellow”. Congratulations! You’re now a true, bona fide fashionista.

Gen Z Yellow
[© Photos by ModCloth, HM, ]

5. Jumpsuits - When Summer Trends Meet Ghostbusters

Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this trend! Nothing seems more comfortable than a full outfit you just zip on and walk out of the house in - at least, until it’s time to use the ladies’ room. But other than that, we’re rooting for this one. Talk about simplifying morning decisions on what to wear! And if your midriff hang-ups are what’s stopping you from trying this one out, check out our bodyshaper for women selection. It’s time to wear whatever you want!

[© Photos by HM, Zara, ModCloth]

6. 1980s Silhouettes - Puffy Up Top, Super Cinched in the Waist

We’ve been showing our cold shoulders since forever, but this summer it’s all about covering ‘em up and amping up the DRAMA! Wherever we look, broad, puffed-up shoulders with itty bitty waists seems to be the norm. You’ll be secretly living your own little Dynasty world every time you step outside the house ;-)

Trending Clothes
[© Photos by Zara, HM]

7. Daytime Shine - Blind Your Neighbors With Sequin Flares

We know ‘bout that daylight bling, and it seems to have arrived to stay. Blow the dust from that sequined mini or shiny top and wear them for the entire world to see while on your everyday commute, instead of just for a night out on the town. Just make sure you pair it down with some neutrals to avoid looking like a giant, walking disco ball.

Daytime fashion
[© Photos by HM, Zara, Modcloth]

8. Kitsch Activewear - Or How to Get Noticed in a Really Crowded Mall

Activewear is AGAIN as hot as ever, even when you’re not working out. But, this summer, meet its pizazzed twin - kitsch activewear. Don’t be afraid to go as gaudy and mis-matched as possible. Or, alternately, grab a few hot items and pair them up with a neutral legging - especially our Shapermint Essentials shaping leggings ;-)

[© Photos by OldNavy, HM]

9. High Waists - All Summer Up in Here

We can’t be surprised that waistlines are riding up once again, but this time it’s official - when in doubt, aim high. Pants, skirts, shorts, you name it - the high waist is here to stay and, this summer, will positively slay. And if you still don’t feel ready to flaunt what you’ve got in any of these high-waisted items this summer, here’s your new bff: the Shapermint Essentials shaper panty.

high waisted clothes
[© Photos by HM, Modcloth, Zara]

10. Sneakers - The Summer Trend We’ve All Been Secretly Waiting For

AT LAST! Even though we do agree that a well-timed stiletto will always win our hearts over, there’s nothing like slipping on some good ol’ sneakers and feeling chic while running our daily errands. And if you combine these with #8 you get one of the main players of these summer fashion trends: the grandpa sneaker, combining kitsch, vintage, and 1980s all in one. Enjoy!

Sneakers for summer
[© Photos by Zara, HM]

And that’s it! Any trend you’ll especially be inclined to try this summer? Don’t forget to tell us all about it on Facebook and even on Instagram - we’re waiting for your input!