Shapermint #shapingrealMOMents Series: Interview #4

We often hear that the toughest job in the world is being a mom. The early mornings and late nights without time for yourself—super challenging! But behind every challenge, you learn about strengths you didn’t know you had.

As we continue celebrating Mother’s Day in our #shapingrealMOMents Series, we have East Brutas, Junior Copywriter at Shapermint. Learn how motherhood and everyday challenges shape her. Keep reading to see the full interview below.

East interview 1

How would you describe being a mom in one phrase?

Being a mom is stressful and frustrating but very fulfilling.

What surprised or surprises you about motherhood?

Motherhood taught me to be strong in ways I could never imagine. When it comes to decision making, you know it’s hard but you have to do it for the sake of your child. I can say that I’m not really a strong person before, but when I became a mom, there are a lot of things that I thought I could never do, so that surprised me and still surprises me.

What is it like shaping a child in the pandemic?

It’s very challenging. Especially for a single mom like me. And since there’s no interaction outside, I’d have to take multiple roles of being a mom, a dad, a teacher, a tutor, a playmate, and even a tooth fairy. Anything you could think of just to make sure that my child keeps growing, and learning and that his mental state is in a good place. He misses the outside world so I have to think of ways to make him feel good, to make him continue learning and growing even inside our home. Challenging...but we’re getting through it.

East Interview 4

How do you balance self-care, work and motherhood?

I’m thankful that my mom helps me in taking care of my child. I think it’s through time management and communication. I make him understand what I do and the reason why I do it. He’s very intelligent so he understands, and if he knows what I’m doing then he’ll give me the space that I need. Communication is very important to balance everything.

Do or did you struggle with your identity as a caregiver vs. being yourself?

I did. A few years ago when I resigned during the peak of my career in the corporate world to be a stay-at-home mom. I had been working straight out of college so I didn’t rely on anyone to give me my needs or wants - so I kinda lost my identity as an independent career woman. But, thankfully, now, I’m not struggling anymore. I was able to find that perfect balance.

What are your least favorite MOMents as a mom?

My least favorite moment is when my son is throwing tantrums and when he’s being too demanding while I’m working. I just can’t focus on what I’m doing and it seems that it’s too much to handle for me.

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What are your favorite MOMents as a mom?

My favorite moment as a mom is before my son goes to bed. I just listen to him say his prayers and then we’ll sing the song we invented. The endless goodnights, and I love you’s. I always make sure that before my son goes to bed, he is happy so when he wakes up, he’ll be in a good mood. I make sure that we have that little bonding moment before bedtime.

What is the best thing you taught your child/children?

The best thing I taught my son is to express his true emotions. He’s 7-years old and he can be a bit sensitive at times, so I told him, “it’s okay to cry if you feel sad and there are a lot of ways to express your emotions - just make sure not to suppress it.”

I taught him how to express his emotions because I don’t want him to grow up thinking that boys don’t cry. I want him to be as human, as raw, and as real as possible. - East

East Interview shapingrealMOMents

What has your child taught you?

My son taught me that the best gift that you can give to your loved ones is the time you spend with them. More than all the expensive toys, it’s really the time and moments spent together that would matter the most.

Who shaped you when you were growing up?

It’s my mom who shaped me when I was growing up.

What do you love about her?

What I love about my mom is that she’s a strong woman and a very passionate homemaker.

What’s your go-to outfit every day?

My go-to outfit every day is just shorts and a t-shirt. Very basic.

What Shapermint product is your favorite and why would you recommend it to other moms?

My favorite Shapermint product is the High-Waisted Shaping Leggings. My body has changed a lot after giving birth so it’s kinda hard to fit into jeans. I always liked tight skinny jeans but it’s a completely different story now. You need something that moves with you if you have an active kid. Also, you can easily pair them with shirts or a blouse and you’re good to go.

It always surprises us how moms can handle everything. Single-handedly raising a child during the pandemic while growing her career sounds a bit overwhelming, but It’s amazing how motherhood shapes East to be a strong woman.

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