Shapermint #shapingrealMOMents Series: Interview #3

As we celebrate Mother’s Day and our #shapingrealMOMents Series, we are giving the spotlight to one of the women behind Shapermint. Meet Tanya Ungureanu, Email Marketing Manager at Shapermint.

During our one-on-one interview, Tanya shared her challenges as a mom and how motherhood shapes her. Keep reading to see the full interview below!

Tanya 1 Interview

How would you describe being a mom in one phrase?

I think that being a mom is one of the hardest, yet most rewarding things you can do in life.

What surprised or surprises you about motherhood?

One thing that really surprised me is that I’m reliving my own childhood through my child. Basically, all these emotions he’s going through, I feel like “wow, I felt the same.” And through him, I get a chance to relive those moments.

How do you balance self-care, work and motherhood?

That’s a hot topic because I don’t think that I’ve mastered this yet. I’m trying to make (my son) part of everything and even include him in my work and self-care. I even take him to spa day with me.

He’s super understanding and he respects our time together. But I think between work and motherhood, what really works for me, is to be disciplined and organize my day really well.

Tanya interview 2Do or did you struggle with your identity as a caregiver vs. being yourself?

Oh yes! I definitely felt this one. Honestly, the first two years were so hard. I felt super exhausted. And for a breastfeeding mom, your body is not your body until you finish breastfeeding. Especially when it’s on-demand, whenever he’s hungry, you have to be there so you lose all of your time to yourself. In that moment, everything revolves around him.

What are your favorite MOMents as a mom?

My favorite one is the love that you get back from your kid. I think at the end of the day, it’s when he hugs and kisses you and tells you that he loves you so much. Especially if it’s a surprise. It’s one of my favorite things when I don’t expect it.

You know when you had this hard day, and he sees you and he just smiles and shows his love, it melts everything around’s like nothing else matters in those moments. - Tanya Ungureanu

Tanya interview 3What has your son taught you?

My son taught me to be accepting and to not judge others. Children don’t see the fault, or the flaws in the other person. He’s super forgiving, so I think that’s one of the things that he really taught me.

He’s also super proud of his passions. And those passions can be so silly. Right now, he’s super passionate about Sonic.

This is what we were missing when we were growing up. We think that people will judge us, right? We, sometimes, try not to show our passion openly, and we just keep it to ourselves. But I like that he’s like “I don’t care, I enjoy it, I love it, I don’t care about anybody else.” So that’s something I personally need to bring back in my life.

My name is Tanya, and I am #shapingrealMOMents.

Tanya interview 4

What’s your go-to outfit every day?

I’m a leggings and t-shirt person all the way. I’m all about comfortable and casual.

I need comfort, especially having a kid. Sneakers, leggings, and a comfortable t-shirt are your best friend. It’s everything that you need.

What Shapermint product is your favorite, and why would you recommend it to other moms?

My favorites are the leggings. I have the Shapermint Essentials high-waisted leggings for the days when I want to feel more in control and more supported. I also love the Shapermint Essentials active leggings for the days when I just want to feel super relaxed and super comfortable.

The other product I love is the Truekind bra, because of how comfortable it is. It has super soft fabric. I think a mom always appreciates comfort, so you can actually focus on other stuff—on your kid. Comfort is everything because you need to move and have clothes that don’t restrict your movement. That’s super important.

It’s so inspiring to know how motherhood helps Tanya rediscover herself. Those real and raw MOMents are like puzzle pieces that complete your journey as a mom.

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