Shapermint #shapingrealMOMents Series: Interview #1

In celebration of Mother’s Day and our #shapingrealMOMents Series, we had the pleasure of interviewing Mariela Collazo, Graphic Designer at Shapermint about her experience with life and motherhood.

In this series, we’re going behind the scenes to show the real side of motherhood, with raw stories and everyday challenges and MOMents. Join us as we sit down with Mariela to see how motherhood shapes her life everyday and how she finds time to enjoy those special fleeting moments. Keep reading to see the full interview below!

Mariela shaping real MOMentsHow would you describe being a mom in one phrase?

It’s difficult. For me, being a Mom is a real challenge, every day.

What surprised or surprises you about motherhood?

How much love I feel for one person. I never expected it to be like this. I never thought I could love someone this way, with such an unconditional love.

What is it like shaping a child in the pandemic?

It’s difficult, very difficult. For me it was a mess, but a beautiful mess. When my baby was born, Argentina had just started shutting down with COVID. We had to stay at home, and we couldn’t go out.

So we decided to move to the city where I grew up because there were fewer cases of COVID there. My mother and my father were both able to help me with the baby, which made us feel more secure, more comfortable. I was so proud that we did it!

Mariela shaping real MOMents 2How do you balance self-care, work and motherhood?

It is difficult, but I have a great [life] partner who helps me, and my mother helps, too. My son also goes to kindergarten, which allows him to play with other girls and boys. This is a tremendous help!

Do or did you struggle with your identity as a caregiver vs. being yourself?

Luckily, no. I know that some people struggle with that, but that is not my case.

What are your least favorite MOMents as a mom?

There are a lot of least favorite is when it’s bedtime, but he wants to play or talk instead of going to sleep. So, it’s very hard work.

What are your favorite MOMents as a mom?

I love the weekends because I can spend time with him all day. We usually go to the park or visit my mom, so there’s a lot of quality time to spend together.

The most important thing my son taught me is that we are part of each other. We stay together, we stay connected everyday and every moment. It’s a beautiful connection to experience. - Mariela Collazo

Mariela shaping real MOMents 3What’s your go-to outfit every day?

Because I stay at home most days, I tend to wear things that are super comfortable, like joggers or sweatshirts. Also, oversized jeans or sneakers...things like that.

What Shapermint product is your favorite and why would you recommend it to other moms?

First of all, I think all the products are the best! I do have one favorite—the bike shorts. They make a really great outfit when paired with something like a sweatshirt. I think it’s very comfortable on every occasion. You can also wear them with an oversized shirt.

For other moms, I think the leggings are popular right now because it’s now winter here in Argentina. They are super comfortable and you go everywhere in them.

My name is Mariela, and I am #shapingrealMOMents.

We love how inspiring this interview with Mariela is, as she opens up about the difficult, yet beautiful parts of motherhood. It’s certainly been a challenging year for moms, and we want to hear your REAL stories. Join us on social @Shapermint to share your #shapingrealMOMents with us. We can’t wait to connect with you!