Kalani Phillips Interview

Kalani Phillips has recently joined the diverse Shapermint Crew and loves celebrating her shape with the help of their shapewear. Kalani has been empowered and gained confidence by using Shapermint essentials - read on to learn more!

You’re one of our Brand Ambassadors, part of the Shapermint Crew! What inspired you to join the Crew? 

I was inspired to join the crew because I love this brand. Shapermint continually promotes body positivity and inclusivity. They celebrate that bodies come in all shapes and sizes, and emphasize that we should feel confident and strong no matter what we’re wearing.

What do you enjoy most about being on the Crew? 

I love that I can share my experience as an ambassador with people I love, like my mom, friends, cousins, and aunts. I love being able to share what products I find and offer discounts!

How do you want to shape change with us? 

I want to shape change by letting people know that they are beautiful no matter what and that there is always a space for them within the Shapermint community. Navigating life is not easy and I hope that people remember they are loved and worthy of love, no matter what they look like. While I believe every body is beautiful, self-worth is not tied to how you look. Practice self-care, nourish your body with what you need, and surround yourself with people who truly love you. You deserve it.

Kalani Phillips Interview

How do you define body positivity? 

Body positivity is defined as loving all bodies regardless of size, shape, skin tone, gender, or physical ability. But to me, body positivity is loving myself more. It is celebrating that our bodies are unique, and giving myself a break from comparing myself to others. Body positivity means being more compassionate not only to others but to myself as well. It means having a positive and loving relationship with my body, embracing my individuality, and appreciating what my body does for me. My body is only one part of me, not all of me, but I need to love it, nourish it, and care for it as best I can. Body positivity reminds me that while I do believe we are all beautiful no matter what, not all of our value is tied to what we look like. Instead, we should focus on appreciating what our bodies do for us and working on having more loving relationships with ourselves, while being aware that we are loved and worthy of love. - Kalani

How does Shapermint help you celebrate your shape? 

Shapermint helps me embrace and celebrate my shape by having inclusive sizing and a wide range of styles and colorways. I love that they have styles for any type of outfit or day! 

What does self-care mean to you? Do you have any particular rituals or routines that spark self-love?

To me, self-care means giving myself a break from my own high expectations. It means slowing down, practicing gratitude and empathy, eating healthy, and being more compassionate to myself. Some rituals or routines I have to practice self-love involve taking wellness walks or hikes, drinking more water, journaling, reading for fun, meditating, leaving myself sweet notes, cooking, and taking more breaks.

We absolutely love the fact that you use social media as a liberating force to celebrate body positivity and other movers & shapers out there. Are there any women on social media who inspire you to be your best self? 

Of course! So many women inspire me, but the few that inspire me most are Rihanna, Selena Gomez, and Florence Pugh.

Kalani Phillips Interview 2

What is your favorite Shapermint essential? How do you like to style it?

My favorite Shapermint essential is probably the Mid-Waist Shaper Bike Shorts! They’re super comfortable and I love to style them with the Truekind® Everyday Throw-on Wireless Bralette and jeans for a quick hike, a trip to the grocery store, or class!

How can you empower women of the next generation as Shapermint Crew?

I would love to empower women of the next generation. I hope to do this by advocating for body positivity and body neutrality, promoting self-love, and educating others on various public health issues through social media, my Ph.D. research, and other avenues.

Looking in front of the mirror, what would want to tell yourself? 

Being in a Ph.D. program, I struggle consistently with imposter syndrome and self-love. It can be tough not to compare myself to others, especially being a person of color in higher education. Despite this, I remind myself each day in the mirror that I am beautiful, I am worthy, and I deserve to be here and take up space. I don’t fully believe in myself every day, but I think it’s important to say it out loud and to recognize that while my self-confidence will fluctuate, I am still loved and have so much to be thankful for each day.

Kalani Phillips Interview 3

Where can our readers connect with you? 

Instagram: @kalanilanilani

TikTok: @kalanilanilani

Join us in our mission to spread love and inspiration. Click this link to become a part of our Crew.