Interview Amber Spence Reed

Meet Amber Spence Reed, one of our Shapermint Crew Brand Ambassadors. She has found wearing Shapermint essentials helps her feel more confident and look her best. Read on and get to know more about Amber's journey with Shapermint!

You’re one of our Brand Ambassadors, part of the Shapermint Crew! What inspired you to join the Crew? 

It was Divine Timing! I just gave birth to my firstborn, Aurora Rose, and was figuring out my body. While regaining confidence in something that felt so foreign during this time. Shapermint represents being confident and embracing your body despite it. It was no question at all, about whether I should join, it aligned with where I was in my life. And I had to be a part of the movement.

What do you enjoy most about being on the Crew? 

Creating Content! It truly excites me!

Interview Amber Spence Reed

How do you want to shape change with us? 

By being me unapologetically, spreading positivity, and moving in purpose. As long as I am doing what I was made to do, there will be change! I want to see where moving in love and purpose can take us all! The change will bring! 

How do you define body positivity? 

I define body positivity as having a positive relationship with your body. Feeding it good things, no self-negative talk. Simply gratitude and love. - Amber

How does Shapermint help you celebrate your shape? 

Shapermint inspires me to enjoy and be confident in my shape.  Using affirmations, and relatable posts that motivate me to form a healthy relationship with my shape. 

Self-love is especially important. Do you have any particular rituals or routines that spark self-love?

I thank my body for being with me every season. Instead of saying I need to change multiple things, I express my gratitude to my body for having everything I need, stretch marks, a little more weight, everything!

Interview Amber Spence Reed 2

We absolutely love the fact that you use social media as a liberating force to celebrate body positivity and other movers & shapers out there. Are there any women on social media who inspire you to be your best self? 

There are so many women that inspire me! But, to name a few, I would say Sarah Jakes Roberts @sarahjakesroberts, Mrs. Lauren Wilson @iamlaurenlyrics, and Dominique Baker @dominique.baker Each woman inspires in a different way. But overall, they all push me to strive for better, for more! 

What is your favorite Shapermint essential? How do you like to style it? 

The Shapermint Essentials All Day Every Day Scoop Neck Bodysuit. I either dress it up with a skirt, thigh-high boots, and a great blazer! Or I dress it down with jeans and sneakers topped with a letterman jacket! 

When was the last time you tried something new that you thought you couldn’t do? Can you share more? 

This year, I began to be more transparent online. We live in a society where we like to paint the picture of perfect and sometimes that creates a blockage for real change to happen, for you to be impactful and relatable, especially to those who follow you. There’s nothing wrong with being perfect, but showing it’s perfect to be imperfect hits differently! 

Interview Amber Spence Reed 3

Looking in front of the mirror, what would want to tell yourself? 

I’m so proud of you. You defied the odds, you loved hard, and you’re deserving of good things, even better experiences, of Love! 

Where can our readers connect with you? 

Instagram: @amberspencereed@7days7letters, and @thedna.experience

YouTube: @PhotographedMemories

TikTok: @amberspencereed

Join us in our mission to spread love and inspiration. Click this link to become a part of our Crew.