#ShapermintCrewLove Series: Interview #28

The Shapermint Crew is a diverse community of Shapermint ambassadors. We’re excited to introduce one of our Shapermint Crew Brand Ambassadors, Sendhy Cardona.

Read on to discover her routines that spark self-love.

Interview Sendhy CardonaYou’re one of our Brand Ambassadors, part of the Shapermint Crew! What inspired you to join the Crew?

There were a lot of things that inspired me to join the Shapermint Crew. Not only did the shapewear get my attention, but the women wearing them really inspired me. They are fearless, confident, and strong. They inspired me to love myself and embrace my body.

What do you enjoy most about being on the Crew?

I enjoy the fact that I am truly welcomed and accepted. That I am enough and that I can help others feel the same way.

How do you want to shape change with us?

I want to shape change by showing others that we don’t have to conform to conventional, outdated beauty standards. Showing people that we all have the power to create the beauty of all different shapes, and we have the power to define what and who we want to be.

How do you define body positivity?

For me, body positivity is feeling comfortable and confident in our bodies and owning all of our flaws. Our flaws are what make us unique. That is beautiful and powerful." - Sendhy

Interview Sendhy CardonaSelf-love is especially important. Do you have any particular rituals or routines that spark self-love?

I absolutely have rituals and routines that spark self-love. Every day, I make quiet time for myself, by turning off my phone, turning my bathroom into a spa with lit candles and soft music playing, getting a massage on the weekends, getting my hair done at the salon, going to the gym, eating healthy and when I have moments that I don’t eat healthily, that’s ok too. I truly make conscious decisions to allow the natural flow of things to happen and not be harsh on myself.

We absolutely love the fact that you use social media as a liberating force to celebrate body positivity and other movers & shapers out there. Are there any women on social media who inspire you to be your best self?

Ashley Graham and Rihanna are women who inspire me to be my best self. They are fierce and authentic, paving the way for everyone to love themselves and own who they are. Ashley has shown the world that beauty really comes in all shapes and sizes, and it doesn’t matter what chapter you are in your life. From motherhood to modeling or just strolling down the street being herself and just being human is so relatable. Rihanna blew me away with all of her runway shows that show people from all walks of life, demonstrating that fashion is art and art can be whatever you want it to be.

What are your top tips for breaking out of a fashion/style rut?

The top tip for breaking out of a fashion/style rut is not to be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try new things. Experiment and see how far you go. Be different and unique. Be inspired by seeing what’s trending and what’s not. Find things that work for you, and don’t pay mind to what others think. If you look closely enough, you will find art in fashion. When I do this, my confidence and fashion sense grow every time.

Shapermint Crew Brand Ambassadors Sendhy CardonaWhat is your favorite Shapermint style? How do you like to style it?

One of my favorite Shapermint styles is a comfortable, sporty look. Like when I wear my Truekind Daily Comfort Wireless Shaper Bra and pair it with The Classic Shapermint Essentials Fresh Control Mid-Waist Shaper Bike Shorts and throw on an oversized jean jacket with a pair of comfortable, classic sneakers with a fun high ponytail.

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You can find me on Instagram @sendhycardona on both Instagram and TikTok

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