Cameo Davis Shapermint Crew Brand Ambassador

The Shapermint Crew is a diverse community of Shapermint ambassadors. In our #ShapermintCrewLove Series is one of our Shapermint Crew Brand Ambassadors, Cameo Davis. Let’s discover her routine that sparks self-love.

You’re one of our Brand Ambassadors, part of the Shapermint Crew! What inspired you to join the Crew?

The number one thing I love about Shapermint is its goal to spread body positivity. People often associate shapewear with wanting to hide your body, but Shapermint's products help accentuate and make you feel confident. Anything I can do to be part of a movement like that, I am 100% down for!

What do you enjoy most about being on the Crew?

It gives me another avenue to spread body positivity and connect with others who are doing the same.

Shapermint ambassador Cameo DavisHow do you want to shape change with us?

I want to continue to post about my self-love journey and how Shapermint has helped along the way, help spread body positivity, and hopefully be a familiar face for curvy young Black girls who aren't used to seeing someone who looks like them represented online.

How do you define body positivity?

No matter your size, ability, color, etc. you deserve to feel comfortable in your body, and the world around you should reflect that ideal. - Cameo

Self-love is especially important. Do you have any particular rituals or routines that spark self-love?

I don't leave the house without complimenting myself out loud after getting ready for the day, and when I'm working out, I try to always remember to be thankful for the body and health I have.

We absolutely love the fact that you use social media as a liberating force to celebrate body positivity and other movers & shapers out there. Are there any women on social media who inspire you to be your best self?

Kamie Crawford, Tabria Majors, Natalia Lorenzo, and Candice Kelly.

How important has stocking up on basics been to you during the quarantine?

Very important. Especially being in a state that isn't as "careful" about the pandemic as others. I try to limit my store runs as much as possible and make sure we have what we need in the house.

Cameo DavisWhat are your top tips for breaking out of a fashion/style rut?

Finding inspiration through friends and social media. I have a few friends that I know I can text at any time of the day with pictures and they will give me their honest reviews, and I love browsing Pinterest and Instagram for ideas.

What is your favorite Shapermint style? How do you like to style it?

I love the high-waisted leggings! I love putting on a crop top or crop top sweater but they are so versatile and I can wear them with anything.

Let our readers know where to find you

The best place to find me is on Instagram @killacamie

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