Interview Vanessa Byrd-Walker 

Our 12th interviewee is here! Meet Vanessa Byrd-Walker of Hesperia, CA. She’s one of our Shapermint Crew Brand Ambassadors joining the #ShapermintCrewLoveSeries! Read on to find out how she wants to shape change with us.

You’re one of our Brand Ambassadors, part of the Shapermint Crew! What inspired you to join the Crew?

I joined the Shapermint crew because I loved the way the brand uplifts women, and I just had to be a part of it.

What do you enjoy most about being on the Crew?

What I enjoy most about being in the Shapermint Crew is the community.

Brand Ambassador Vanessa Byrd-WalkerHow do you want to shape change with us?

I want to shape change with Shapermint by using my love for the products to encourage others to live themselves in whatever they wear.

How do you define body positivity?

Body positivity to me is loving all of yourself walking into a room and owning it and encouraging others to do the same.

Self-love is especially important. Do you have any particular rituals or routines that spark self-love?

My self-love routine consists of me-time. Skincare, taking extra care of my curls, and reading an uplifting book or scripture.

We absolutely love the fact that you use social media as a liberating force to celebrate body positivity and other movers & shapers out there. Are there any women on social media who inspire you to be your best self?

I love LIZZO and Ashley Graham.

How important has stocking up on basics been to you during the quarantine?

Stocking up has been very important because I love to be comfortable at all times, I like to just grab stuff put it on, and go.

Vanessa Byrd-WalkerWhat are your top tips for breaking out of a fashion/style rut?

If you’re having an issue and you’re in a style rut, I would grab a piece of your wardrobe that you love and work your way around that and just add pieces of pops of color textures all of those things will help.

What is your favorite Shapermint style? How do you like to style it?

My favorite style would have to be just laid-back comfort. My favorite thing to style from Shapermint is the biker shorts. Those are my go-to! I have more than one, so I am able to wear them as often as possible. I normally pair them with a graphic tee and some crocs or some cute sneakers and go.

Want to share anything else?

I love Shapermint!!!

Let our readers know where to find you.

You can find me on Instagram and TikTok @life_with_vanessabyrdwalker

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