Hanging Out at the Shapermint Video Shoot

It’s not all summer trends, shapewear guides and helpful tips here at Shapermint central. We’re also hard at work, every day, to bring the best shapewear to your door - and to find the best ways for you to actually SEE it online!

This is why we take our photograph and video productions dead serious. They usually imply loooong hours on set, weeks of back-and-forth planning and, please, let’s not forget our amazing Post Production Team that slaves away to create the top-notch shapewear videos and pics we’ve grown used to. These guys are truly amazing.

But after all is said and done - we LOVE our jobs, and LOVE sharing with you! Here’s a short video showing exactly what goes on during one of our professional video shoots. Just in case you were curious about where the magic happens...

Plus, we’d love to take this opportunity to thank ALL of our amazing models that help Shapermint come to life each and every single day. We’re actually planning a little surprise for you with them but, for now, here’s a sneak peek into everyday model life. It’s not as glamorous -or easy- as the media makes it out to be!

So THANK YOU Lorena, Jeanily, Betzabeth, Sabrina, Paulina and Gimena. One has to be very brave to prance around in shapewear with the confidence and pizazz you gals bring to the set. We’re always inspired by you and your amazing life stories!

Want more behind-the-scenes peeks from Shapermint’s audiovisual kitchen? Stay tuned to our posts on Instagram and Facebook for more to come ;-)