Katie Sturino author of BODY TALK

Shapermint is excited to sponsor BODY TALK:
How to Embrace Your Body and Start Living Your Best Life on June 10th!

About the Virtual Event

Join us and Bottomless Closet for an eye-opening and uplifting virtual conversation with Katie Sturino, author of BODY TALK: How to Embrace Your Body and Start Living Your Best Life. As a 2021 Bottomless Closet Luncheon Honoree, Katie's been incredibly supportive of their mission —so we are thrilled for her to give us a candid peek into the amazing advice and insights in her new book. Co-author Amelia Diamond will facilitate this candid discussion with Katie about body image, writing the book, and what she's learned on her own body acceptance journey. They will also take audience questions for a Q&A—you won't want to miss it!


Released on May 25, 2021, BODY TALK is an illustrated guide-meets-workbook that is designed to help you overcome body issues, focus on self-love, and free up space in your brain for creative and productive energy. The book is less about Katie's personal story and more of a hands-on tool to help you change your internal conversation about your body. In short, you'll be encouraged to spend less time thinking about how you look and what you eat and more time discovering your inner fierceness.

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