Seven Goddesses on a Shoot

What happens when seven goddesses come together for a shoot on beauty, confidence and body positivity? Well, heavenly perfection of course!

On the set of the photoshoot for our latest campaign “Feel Like the Masterpiece You Are” the buzz was truly electrifying. And the message getting everyone hyped up?

While we’re working on loving our bodies, it’s ok if confidence needs a boost sometimes. And shapewear? EXTRA confidence for when you need it.”

Shot over 2 days in an LA house, an almost all-female cast and crew came together to deliver the message in a way only Shapermint can – strongly, with serious sass and a playful spirit!

Dressed head to toe in goddess finery and shapewear (obvs) each influential model told their unique story of the female experience. Our special cast of transgender, mixed-race and plus-sized models, seriously did us proud!

Campaign stylist Julieta told us, “We had such a diverse cast, and each model is talented with their own special way of portraying confidence and beauty, so we chose specific outfits and accessories to match their body type.” Of the Greek-inspired sheer dresses she says, “When the light is on our models you see the goddess within.

From storytelling and styling to art direction and set design, it was a complete masterpiece!

Experience for yourselves the MAGNIFICENCE of our most ambitious photo production yet, with a sneak peek behind the scenes.