Self Love Even When You’re Off Track

If a dear friend were to tell you that she hasn’t been eating healthy or hasn’t been exercising as much as she should, would you try to make her feel bad about herself by shaming her or putting her down?

Hopefully not!

So why do we do these things to ourselves?

One of the best--and surprisingly difficult--things we can do for ourselves is to find compassion and self-love, even during the rough times.

#ShapermintGal Kire has discovered some simple ways to cultivate a sense of self love that has little to do with sticking with a diet or exercise regimen and everything to do with honoring the person you’re meant to be.

Check out her video below to find out how little changes can make a big difference in your ability to give yourself the love you so deeply deserve.

When we open ourselves to support and kindness from others and offer it in return, it can transform the relationships we have with ourselves for the better. Because when we lift others up, we all rise.

Thanks so much for sharing your words of wisdom, Kire! Stay amazing!