101: Self-Care Tips for Moms

Being a mom comes with joys of being a parent -- and many jobs you didn’t sign up for. From being a chef for the toughest food critics under 3 ft tall, to the referee of who’s turn it is with the television remote, you really do it all. But we’re here to remind you that you matter too!

That’s why we put together some self-care ideas that you can squeeze into your busy schedule. Check them out and let us know what you think.

1. Aaaaaaand stretch


You look tense. You’re exhausted and stressed. We see you. The best way to combat those knots in your back, muscle fatigue, and tension in your shoulders is a good stretch. Take a beat while running the washing machine and reach as high as you can over your head and hold that position until you can’t extend anymore. Slowly drop your arms to your sides, and feel that tension leave your shoulders.

2. Say hello-goodbye to stress


Whether you’re between tasks or just getting ready for bed, take two minutes of meditation to acknowledge and release your stress. The stress of motherhood can be overwhelming and leaves us in a not-so-mindful state. Even when you’re in the heat of the moment: stop, identify, and release the energy that doesn’t serve you.

3. Take the leap!

Take the leap

When you spend so much of your time challenging and empowering your children, you tend to forget about doing the same for yourself. Take a few minutes or even an entire day to take one of your bucket list items and make it happen! Do something big that you’ve never done before. And be sure to document it!

4. Spice it up in the kitchen

Spice it up in the kitchen

It can be relaxing to set aside a few hours to get creative in the kitchen. You can either Youtube a new recipe to try or order a meal delivery kit that will mix things up for you. Either way, we know you’ll love to finally dive into your fave kid-disapproved dish!

5. Create a quiet space now & zen

Quiet space and zen

Light some candles in your bathroom and take a peaceful bath with a hot cup of tea. This can be just the vacation you need-- even if it's just in the next room over! Not in the mood for a bath? Unplug and cozy up with your favorite book either outside or by a window that gives you a great view.

6. Peek into your future

Peek into your future

It might have been a while since you last thought about yourself and what you want in life. Perhaps it’s time to carve out an hour or so to make a vision board with your future dreams. Maybe you really want to go on a vacation to Greece or learn piano… put it on there! You can create a pinterest board or cut out magazine clippings on poster board to hang in your office or bedroom.

7. Shop for you and only you

That’s right-- it’s time to treat yourself, and yourself only, to some new clothes that will make you feel fabulous and refreshed. We suggest these versatile essentials that are perfect for heading into the warmer months.

Get ready for warmer temps with a cami that does it all. It sculpts and supports you throughout the day and pairs great with our shaping capri or a pair of jeans.

Head out on errands or for a workout with our shaping capri. We love this piece because you can wear it with tennis shoes and style it with a layered jacket for a more elevated look.

Our tried and true favorite will make your day that much easier. It’s the ultimate form of self-care to wear a bra you love. No uncomfortable underwires or pinching here.

8. Have coffee with a friend

Coffee with a friend

Do you love getting out for some friend time? Nothing feels quite as good as meeting up with a friend and enjoying some quality time over a cup of coffee or your favorite drink. Bonus points if you can find a new spot in town to check out.

We hope you love these self-care tips and get a chance to try a few! Remember, that the best way to take care of others is to take care of yourself first. Carving out that hour or two a week can make a huge difference in your energy.

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