Have you ever gotten lost in the perfect world of your favorite fictional book? Or have you felt deep emotions in the popular novel that had you coming back to the same chapter? If you are a book lover, today is the perfect day to indulge in your favorite books because it’s National #ReadaBookDay!

What is National Read A Book Day?

Celebrated annually every 6th of September, National Read a Book Day motivates us to get reading. It is not about finishing one book in one sitting, but more about having an awareness that we need to take a break sometimes and enjoy the beauty of reading.

What Are The Benefits of Reading?

  • Reading helps improve your concentration and memory

Reading is like exercise for the brain. It stimulates our mental wellness which helps improve concentration and memory. Studies show that reading also prevents cognitive delays as you age. That’s a total win-win for your brain!

  • Reading can reduce stress and help you relax

With all the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, reading is the best way to silence the noise. It has that calming effect that even aids in sleep readiness. Matter of fact, statistics show that the majority of people read in their beds, over any other parts of their home.

If you are in for a self-care session at home, you can grab a good book while in a tub with your favorite scented candles or essential oils for total relaxation.

  • Reading enhances your imagination, creativity, and knowledge

Improved brain connectivity which increases your imagination, creativity, and knowledge is one of the many benefits of reading. You might want to grab a book if you need a little boost to keep your creative juices flowing.

How to Celebrate Read a Book Day

  • Join a book club - this is a good way to meet fellow book lovers and have an exchange of recommendations.

  • Read with children - storytelling is a good opportunity to influence young minds to get them into reading.

  • Donate a book - we know it’s hard to let go, but sharing is caring. You’d want others to experience how your books made you feel.

From children to the elderly and everyone in between, read a book day is a great way for people to enjoy a good book and take the time for themselves. And if you don't know what good book to read, check out some of our favorite body-positive books that’ll inspire you to celebrate your shape here.

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