It’s #NationalWineDay so pop the cork and let it pour! National Wine Day is celebrated annually in the US every 25th of May.

With wine being around for centuries, it has become a staple drink in every household, especially during special occasions.

Benefits Of Drinking Wine

Wines are known to be rich in antioxidants, the molecules that fight free radicals in your body. Study shows that drinking wine in moderation help reduce the risk of heart diseases, lower blood pressure, and keeps your mind sharper.

How To Celebrate #NationalWineDay

1. Visit A Vineyard / Winery

Have you ever been curious about how wine is made? It’s the best time to take a trip to a winery and learn about the process from picking grapes to crushing them to fermentation and to bottling the wines. The best part? You can taste test different wines!

Wine cellars

Wineries you can visit in the US: Jacuzzi Family Vineyards (Sonoma Valley, California), Folktale Winery (Carmel Valley, California), Chateau Montelena (Napa Valley, California).

Here are the best styles you can wear during your visit:

2. Do Unique Wine And Food Pairings With Family And Friends

What can be more perfect than celebrating this day with great food and great wine with best the people? Here are a few wine and food pairings you can try!

Red Wine + BBQ ribs, steaks, burgers, pasta, and pizza

White Wine + seafood, chicken, tacos, and salad

Rosé Wines + fish, chips, fruits, and salsa

Sparkling wines + cheese, cured meats, crackers, nuts, and fresh fruits

Wine and pizza

Here are the best styles you can wear during your gathering:

3. Support Local or Small Winery Businesses

This National Wine Day, take a trip to your local winery or visit local pubs that offer quality and vintage wines. There you can ask a few questions about the wines, and they can even recommend something you haven’t tried before.

Wine Store

Here are the best styles you can wear during your trip:

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