Shapewear guide

If you are here, you know that your outfit can make your attitude go from *OH NO!* to *Oh WOW!* with just a little shapewear magic. But not all shapewear works alike - a true #ShapermintGal knows which shapewear works best for each and every outfit. So bookmark this post and let’s get to it!

You can wear whatever you want and KILL it. Here are some general rules of thumb to make the most out of your shapewear so you can feel comfortable, sexy AND completely unaware of your hang-ups during the entire day.

(Don’t have time to read? Jump over to the Must-Have Shapewear Guide Infographic at the bottom!)

Jeans, Dress Pants and Pencil Skirts: Tummy Control Panties, Thongs and Briefs

The tighter you go, the more you want to show. And the less you want to worry about muffin tops, right? So here's our solution: grab a cool pair of shapewear panties, thongs and/or briefs to leave your hang-ups at bay.

The high-waisted kinds tuck everything in, avoiding any button-up squeeze problems. And it’s all party in the back! Tummy control thongs work just like regular thongs in the sense that you’ll feel certain on the panty line department plus you’ll feel like a sexy fox with a secret all day long. And panties... well, they're good for everything. Read on!

Maxi and Bodycon Dresses: Body Shaper Panty

“Don’t wear horizontal stripes”. “Don’t wear hip-hugging dresses”. “Don’t, don’t, don’t”. More like “bla, bla, bla”, right? Wear whatever the hell you want - even if you need a body shaper underwear to be brave.

Plus, even 20 year-old celebrities are triumphantly bragging about their shapewear while strutting down the red carpet these days. Seems even millennials are worried about 'smoothing' their figures! And any shapewear for the lower stomach will do the trick Hollywood pays big bucks for.

Word of advice: you’ll soon get hooked on the more carefree you. So make sure the fabric on your shapewear is breathable, lightweight and fits you perfectly. We might be biased but we think our body shaper panty might just do the trick ;-)

Your Dresses’ New Best Friend: Shaper Shorts and Butt Lifters

Apart from all those wonderful things that wonderful shapewear does, shaper shorts are best known for always having your back - or your thighs, for that matter. Say goodbye to inner thigh chafing (or the badly-labeled “chub rub”) with these little babes.

Forget about drowning yourself in talcum powder or making everything worse by rubbing deodorant into it (we speak from experience, unfortunately).

Want an extra perk? Butt lifters also work as a charm - and the tighter, the better!

Keep your dresses knee-length and invest in some good-quality, comfy High waisted shorts. It’s the future!

Strapless and Backless Dresses: Push Up Bras

Sigh. Bras. A bonafide story of love and hate. And, correct us if we’re wrong, but sticky bras have definitely earned themselves a bad rep. They don’t stick enough. They do remain stuck - too much. They can’t fit DDs. The do but you feel you’ve got a waterbed sitting on your chest. They spread your boobs apart creating a new rivalry you weren’t prepared for. We’ve heard it all.

And still, in a world where backless dresses and cold-shoulder tops don’t seem to want to go anywhere, what is a girl to do? We’ve tried EVERYTHING but those invisible stick-on push up bras were the only thing that worked. They stick to everything but your nipples (horray!) and stay put until you decide the night is over.

Plus, here’s a hidden perk: avoid the little rolls under your arms by pairing these up with your favorite strapless top. You’re welcome!

Tops and Shirts: Cami Shapers

Speaking of underarm rolls, here’s something that works like a charm: the cami shaper or shaper top that goes over your entire upper body. It’s also perfect for those laundry days where you end up wearing that old, too-small bra, or need to smooth things out with tight work tops and shirts.

And trust us, you’re going to LOVE their tight undershirt power in those cold, winter months. No cold bones here!

Tunics and Layers: High Waisted Leggings and Jeggings

Leggings are the comfiest kind of clothes ever, like our Shapermint Essentials Shaping Leggings.

We don’t care if it’s not the 90s anymore: leggings are the comfiest clothes ever, The comfort of activewear meets the coolness of shapewear. Why did these ever go away?

Plus, you can easily combine them with SO many hot items for this season! Tunics and shirt dresses, maxi t-shirts and blouses. Sweater dresses and oversized garments. The possibilities are endless!

Cold Shoulder tops, Shirts, Blouses: Arm Shapers

So here's the deal: while on our shapewear-searching journey, we came to the conclusion that there’s shapewear for every single part of your body EXCEPT your arms. And maybe, just maybe, someone from the #ShaperMint team has what she calls “dinosaur bat wings”. And maybe, juuuust maaaaybe, she didn't rest until she found these little gems: arm shapers.

Upper arm shapers are exactly what they describe: little tubes of wonderful that let your shoulders shine through without boxing you out. Go ahead and try them - you can even strut your shoulders out in the cold!

Shapewear infographic