Obsessed with American Food

As part of our #LittleAmericanThings campaign we’ve found out one simple thing: we take our food very seriously.

Food is probably the first thing that jumps to mind when we ask these 5 different amazing expats what they miss the most - Vanessa even sometimes eats at McDonalds where she now lives, despite the fact that she never used to eat at McDonalds before.

But here’s the curious part: what your idea of American food actually is varies from state to state. Someone can be pining over some good old mac & cheese, but maybe it’s the hot sauce that does it for you. Collard greens? Rhubarb pie? Just a good bagel?

Also, since we’re here - is it soda or pop?

soda or pop

In any case, our stomach seems to be the best way into our patriotic little heart. Check out what our fave American expats had to say about the food that makes our big-hearted country home:

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