Its National Shapewear Day

Greetings to our wonderful community!

At Shapermint, we’re very proud of how -with your help- we’ve managed to start changing the conversation about shapewear. And today being National Shapewear Day, we’d like you to celebrate this HUGE achievement!

We believe that every woman has the right to feel sexy and confident, and she should feel that way in shapewear as well as without. We are not scared of admitting that shapewear is there for us to flaunt and enhance what we’ve already got, not disguise it. And we also encourage all women to love their bodies.

And it shows - in our website, our social media, our ads. All of us are gorgeous, no matter how we feel a certain day. And this is why National Shapewear Day is for us so much more than just celebrating shapewear. It goes beyond the fact that we can wear it anywhere, at any time, and feel amazing.

We want to continue changing the conversation about shapewear - with you. We need to stick together and make people understand that we’ve come a long way since century-old torture devices like corsets and girdles. Shapewear can be comfortable. Shapewear is safe. Shapewear isn’t about beauty standards imposed by other people. In fact, shapewear isn’t about other people. It’s about confidence. It’s about empowerment. It’s about us, caring for ourselves, in a way we choose to.

We like to think of shapewear as the secret armor you can wear under your clothes when you go out into the streets and face your day. It’s the perfect wardrobe foundation to make a woman feel empowered and confident. And so far, it seems more and more women are getting it. We’ve only been in this shapewear business for about a year, but 46% of our customers had never used shapewear before. There’s something that’s changing alright.

No wonder celebrities are popping up left and right posting pictures of themselves wearing shapewear while getting red-carpet-ready. We see it in our everyday lives as well. Corporate powerbosses wearing it for that big presentation, women finally feeling the courage to leave the house in the first thing they tried on, plus-sized gals realizing plus-size is just a state of mind.

We’re so proud today to sell shapewear that anyone can feel great in, regardless of age, body shape, weight, height, or life situation. But it goes beyond shapewear. We work every day thinking about the new moms that we help feel more confident at a very uncertain time in their lives. We think about those older women that feel secure in their clothes despite the whirlwind of changes their bodies are harboring. We think of busy women throwing it out of the park day in and day out, without worrying about how their clothes are hanging on them. We think of making you happy.

Our movement is focused on body positivity, self-love, and confidence. We want to empower women to live up to their fullest potential. This means loving yourself. But it also might mean fighting a little against anyone who judges women for wearing shapewear - or for anything else, really.

So we want to give a call out to all of our 2 million members (and growing!). Wear your shapewear loud and proud and flaunt your confidence! It’s the best way to show the world that we’re here to do whatever we choose to do - shapewear or no shapewear.

Thank you SO MUCH for being part of our Shapermint community!


~The Shapermint Team