Is Body Neutrality Better than Body Positivity?

Are you tired of the pressure to love your body and be body positive? Are you exhausted from trying to meet the unrealistic body standards that society has set? If so, then you are not alone! 

Let’s talk about what people are debating about when it comes to the approach of celebrating our bodies. Are we over body positivity and now officially entering the body neutrality era? Or is this just another body trend?   

But first, let’s see how body positivity and body neutrality are different…or the same.

What is Body Positivity?

A movement that started in 1969, body positivity encourages people to be more accepting of their bodies and to view their bodies in a more positive light. It seeks to challenge traditional beauty standards and to promote self-love and self-acceptance, regardless of size, shape, or appearance.

What is Body Neutrality? 

Body neutrality is the idea that your body is not something to be celebrated or shamed, but instead simply accepted as it is. This concept is especially important for those who don't feel they can ever be "good enough" to fit into the narrow definition of beauty that has been created by society. Body neutrality encourages us to focus on the things that make us unique and to be kind to ourselves. It's about recognizing that our bodies are capable of so much more than just looking a certain way. It's about understanding that our bodies are capable of incredible things and that it's okay to be exactly who we are.

Can we be body-positive and body neutral at the same time? 

Yes, it is possible to be body-positive and body neutral at the same time. Body positivity is about accepting and celebrating your body for what it is, regardless of its size, shape, or appearance. Body neutrality is about having a neutral attitude toward your body, and not judging it based on its appearance. Both perspectives can lead to a healthier relationship with your body and a greater acceptance of negative thoughts and feelings about your body and focusing on the things that make them unique. Both approaches are important in promoting self-acceptance and body diversity.

To sum it up, body neutrality and body positivity are both valid approaches to managing our relationships with our bodies. Ultimately, it depends on you and your needs. Whether you prefer body neutrality or body positivity, it is important to find an approach that works for you. By practicing self-acceptance and focusing on our overall well-being, we can all learn to appreciate and love our bodies.

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