Shapermint Resolution Challenge

The New Year’s got that little somethin’ somethin’ that gets our hearts a-fluttering. There’s something about endings and beginnings that screams second chances, and we are true suckers for that. After all, it’s a time to create our resolutions: analyze the year that’s been and focus on the year that could be. And how magical is that?

But there’s one, tiny, pesky little thing regarding these resolutions that’s always bothered us: why are we always focusing on what we need to change and improve, instead of on what’s already awesome about us?

When in the year do we get to do THAT?

So for this 2019, we proposed a change in mindset. We rallied up some of our fave Instagram girls and sent out the #ShapermintResolutionChallenge: instead of focusing on what you want to CHANGE this 2019, share what you like about yourself and want to keep this year to #StayAwesome.

You can find some of our favorite replies in the video below:

And here are their instagram accounts to go check these awesome women out:

Now, the ball’s in your court: what would YOU like to NOT CHANGE about yourself this 2019? We dare you to share it on your social media, using the #ShapermintResolutionChallenge and #StayAwesome hashtags.

As for us, easy: this 2019, we’ll continue to try and make you smile, feel inspired and love yourself even more every single day of the year. It’s the true Shapermint promise ;-)