#InspireInclusion: Shapermint Celebrates International Women's Day 2024

This International Women's Day, Shapermint proudly embraces the theme of 'Inspire Inclusion.' As we unite to celebrate the achievements, strength, and resilience of women worldwide, Shapermint is on a mission to foster a more inclusive world for women through our empowering community and inclusive shaping essentials. Join us in this celebration and let's inspire inclusion together!

Inspire Inclusion Through An Empowering Community

At Shapermint, we understand the importance of building a supportive and inspiring community for women. This International Women's Day, we invite you to join our community of empowering women who uplift and celebrate one another. Together, we can inspire inclusion by embracing diversity, appreciating individual strengths, and fostering a sense of belonging among women of all backgrounds.

We’ve teamed up with the #1 Body Confidence Community in the World, The BodCon to welcome and celebrate individuals at any stage of their unique Body Confidence, Neutrality, and Positivity journeys. Download The BodCon App and join a safe digital space where every body is embraced without exception. #InspireInclusion With Shapermint on The BodPod, the podcast where every BODY is welcome and where we discuss topics related to body image, self-love, and confidence

Inclusive Shaping Essentials for Every Body

Shapermint believes that inclusivity should extend to every aspect of a woman's life, including her wardrobe. Our inclusive shaping essentials are designed for every body, ensuring that women of all shapes and sizes feel confident and empowered. This International Women's Day, explore our diverse range of shaping essentials that cater to different preferences and styles.

From comfortable shapewear to confidence-boosting essentials, our collection is curated to make every woman feel seen, valued, and empowered. Celebrate your unique curves with Shapermint's shaping essentials that prioritize inclusivity without compromising on style or comfort.

This International Women's Day, let's come together and #InspireInclusion. Join Shapermint, together with The BodCon in celebrating the diverse beauty and strength of women around the world. Share your stories, spread positivity, and be a part of a community that values and uplifts every woman.

Join Shapermint

At Shapermint, we believe that every woman deserves to feel confident, empowered, and included. This International Women's Day, let's come together to inspire inclusion and shape a brighter future for women worldwide. Follow us on social @shapermint and @thebodcon and take a step towards a more inclusive community. Happy International Women's Day!