How To Wash Your Shapewear

Congratulations on your new shapewear! But wait, have you thought about how to wash and properly care for it? We have #ShapewearCare tips for you that will help extend the effectiveness and lifespan of your shapewear.

How to wear your shapewear?

For those embracing shapewear as part of their daily attire, consider having a trio in your wardrobe: one to wear, one in the wash, and one spare. Remember, even if it’s worn over your undergarments, it's in direct contact with your skin, so aim to wash it after two uses.

Consider matching sets of shapewear pieces for those unexpected occasions. Having a minimum of two matching body-shaping panties/shorts and tops/bras ensures you’re always prepared for any occasion that may arise.

How to wash your shapewear?

Hand Washing Technique:

  • 1. Use cold or warm water, as hot water can harm the fabric.
  • 2. Use a mild detergent, avoiding bleach or fabric softener whenever possible.
  • 3. Handle with care - avoid excessive scrubbing, as friction can damage the fabric and affect elasticity.
  • 4. Air Dry - too much heat can permanently damage the fabric’s elasticity.

Hand Washing Shapewear

Can you put shapewear in the washing machine? Yes! That for sure is good news as it helps us save time. Just make sure to follow the steps for proper washing.

Can you put shapewear in the dryer? No! Dryers are not shapewear friendly.

Machine Washing Process:

  • 1. Set the cycle - the number 1 rule: gentle cycle only.
  • 2. Use cold or warm water - hot water can damage your shapewear’s fabric. Use mild detergent too.
  • 3. Place them inside a washbag - this helps protect your shapewear’s fabric.
  • 4. Air Dry - too much heat can permanently damage the fabric’s elasticity.

Machine Washing Shapewear

Caring for your shapewear isn’t really that hard. If you take all of these tips into consideration your shapewear’s going to last much, MUCH longer. So it’s not really just about taking care of your shapewear - it’s your pocket we’re also thinking about!

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